Argan and Sunflower Oil – Harmonious Duo in Gliss Kur Hair Repair from Schwarzkopf

Gliss Kur – as a brand responsible for creation of first shampoo and conditioner is believed to be a pioneer in the hair care and stylisation. One of their more curious products is “repairing” hair oil created with two natural oils: argan and sunflower.

The cosmetic has 75 ml/2.5 oz of volume. Furthermore, it has plastic bottle equipped in pump and its smell is nice, delicate and quite characteristic for natural oils, i.e. a bit exotic and nutty.

This oil can be used in three different ways: by application prior to hair wash, on wet hair after hair wash (leave-in conditioner) and on dry hair to increase their gloss and protect them during the day.

Gliss Kur Hair Repair contains two natural oils. These are responsible for regeneration and strengthening of hair.

Argan oil is for ages valued oil in hair care. It moisturises, regenerates and protects hair. It provides hair with increased resilience even in the face of high temperatures produced by blow dryer and straightener. Hair become elastic, bouncy and glossy.

Sunflower oil contains even up to 70% of acid omega-6. It perfectly moisturises hair and does not allow harmful substances to penetrate inner hair structures. Oil perfectly takes care of hair and prevents frizz, brittleness and breakage.

Both oils consists of vitamins of B group, which are responsible for hair colour, strength of hair and prevent hair loss. Another ingredient of oils is vitamin E, called “vitamin of youth”.

Gliss Kur Hair Repair ensures UV filter, protects hair against harmful sun radiation. Its thick and applies really well on hair, without weighting hair down. It is recommended for dry and damaged hair in need of increased conditioning.

Oil helps preserve right hydration of hair and makes water retain in deeper hair structures. Gliss Kur Hair Repair is a great product with lots of positive opinions to be found on the Internet. Its regular use can significantly improve hair appearance.