Eyelash tinting. Is henna harmful to eyelashes?

The most common response when asking women what would they like to change about their lashes is: length. However, sometimes it is just a matter of enhancing the colour to find out that they are longer than we thought. There are multiple ways to darken your lashes, one of them is by using henna. 

Usually, lashes are brighter than your hair. Especially their ends that miraculously appear only after using mascara. That’s why lashes tend to look short and lack shine and give the impression of being thin, sparse and undefined. That’s one of the main reasons why women decide to have lash extensions done.

Henna for lashes 

Whenever we want to make our lashes look more dramatic or we look for an alternative for lash extensions, one of the options we reach for is applying henna. Will it work for everyone? The effects will be more visible on fair lashes because henna is only capable of improving the colour only to some extent (only a few tones darker than the natural shade). When it comes to darker lashes, the result might not be as noticeable on the entire length but only on the tips. What is more, even though the outcome might differ depending on the initial colour, it is still worth trying this method out (especially if you want to cut down on the use of mascara). It is an interesting and natural way to tint the lashes.

Will henna work on short lashes?

If your lashes are naturally long and thick, then henna will express them more. What about the short ones? Before you schedule your appointment with the beautician to have henna done, you can firstly, strengthen your lashes, thicken them and boost their growth. Then, the effects of henna tinting will be intensified. The best option would be to go for a growth stimulating treatment and start it about a month prior to your visit to the salon. Lash serums usually require few weeks to see results.

Will henna damage my lashes?

The original henna – a dye obtained from dry and powdered Indian plat is a completely safe product. Not only it does not harm the lashes, but it provides strengthening properties! Plant-derived dyes can be used to colour such delicate hairs. However, always make sure that the product you purchase is 100% organic and does not contain any preservatives or artificial substances.