Fast And Effective Colouring With Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips

highlighting foam strips

Fast And Effective Colouring With Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips
Good hairdressing equipment for colouring treatments facilitates the process and ensures greater precision while applying colouring products. The result is perfect colouring and lots of satisfied customers. Meet the Highlighting Foam Strips by Color Cuts, innovative foam strips that help you perform great colouring, save time and care for the environment at the same time.

Hair colouring, in addition to specialised cosmetics, requires professional hairdressing accessories to streamline the procedure and ensure the individual stages are carried out precisely and comfortably. The renowned Maltese Color Cuts brand created modern hairdressing accessories – Highlighting Foam Strips that can replace aluminium foil in your salon. Foil is not only an impractical gadget but also the cause of many failed colourings and damaged hair in poor condition.

Following the application of colour or bleach, the hair needs to rest for a while. During this time, chemical reactions take place, changing the colour of the hair. During this time, the hair dye penetrates and sets in the cuticles. This requires the right temperature and access of air. Many hairdressers use aluminium foil to increase the temperature of the hair and speed up the colouring process. Ordinary foil often leads to “overheating of the hair”. The oxidising substances in the colouring products combined with aluminium foil make the temperature too high and the hair starts to ‘burn’. This results in flaws like wrong hair tone, stains, unwanted highlights or uneven colour. In extreme cases, wrapping the hair with foil can lead to breakage, hair loss or scalp irritation. You can avoid this! Highlighting Foam Strips ensure safe colouring and you can easily control the whole colouring process.

highlighting foam strips

Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips

High-quality polystyrene strips for multi-tonal hair colouring have revolutionised the hairdressing market. Professional salons are ditching aluminium foil and relying on modern, and practical solutions which are safe for the environment. Highlighting Foam Strips can be used several times – simply wash them (by hand or in the washing machine) and dry them. The individual strips measure 10 x 30.5 cm and can be cut to size so that they last up to 800 times. Color Cuts strips are made from 80% recycled material and are recyclable. Compared to aluminium foil, they decompose faster and are more eco-friendly. Learn more about the product:

Highlighting Foam Strips by Color Cuts – properties:

  • Comfortable and fast application of colouring products
  • Easy and quick to remove from the hair
  • Light, flexible and comfortable for both stylists and clients
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly material
  • Optimal hair temperature
  • Minimal risk of damage during treatments
  • Full control over every stage of colouring
  • Semi-transparent coating allows controling the colour change
  • Multiple colours to distinguish different tones of hair dyes applied
  • Compatible with all colouring techniques