How to make eyelashes thicker? The best methods

Eyelash styling is a fairly tough task because it’s really easy to damage the tiny hair while touching them. For that reason, false eyelash extension and volume boost treatments are the procedures that not everyone is willing to carry out. If you are afraid of being affected by side effects, reach for alternative solutions.

Undoubtedly, having thick eyelashes is a dream of many women. If thick, eyelashes emphasize the look and are a kind of the last piece of make-up puzzle. More often than not, we find out that even the most beautiful make-up without coated eyelashes doesn’t look as stunning as it is expected to do. Long, thick and pitch-black eyelashes are able to make eyes look more open and catch other people’s attention. Luckily, you can gift yourself with sexy and mysterious look in many ways, even if your natural eyelashes are short and thin.

How to make eyelashes thicker?

First and foremost, the way eyelashes look is influenced by their condition. In other words, they won’t appear to be enhanced if we neglect to supply them with essential nourishing substances and when we don’t care for moisturising them. Dehydrated and weakened eyelashes are more prone to break and fall-out, therefore, they can become thin and almost invisible.

Point 1. Provide your eyelashes with reinforcement by applying specialistic treatments that stimulate eyelash growth. A good eyelash serum is a way to obtain flexible, long, thick and dark eyelashes. There is no other better method to make lashes thicker than taking proper care of them. Healthy eyelashes are beautiful eyelashes.

It’s worth realizing that, frequently, our natural eyelashes look less impressive due to their colour. It’s especially clear to see the difference after coating just one eye with a mascara and compare it to the other side. In most cases, eyelashes are more delicate and lighter at the tips which makes them seem to be shorter. Hence, we may think that our eyelid houses less eyelashes than we really have.

Point 2. To enhance the effect given thanks to regular eyelash serum use, gift your lashes with more intensive colour and shine using henna. Tinting eyelashes with henna is safe because it’s a natural vegetable colourant that is used for the procedure.

As it is typical at any other case, despite applying specialistic cosmetics, it’s the nourishment delivered from the inside that counts. The very core of an eyelash well-being is the bulb that has to be constantly ‘fed’ with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, thanks to delivering these substances with the food you consume, you can enhance the effects provided by an eyelash serum. Healthy eyelash is thicker, more flexible and longer.

Point 3. Introduce to your diet food products that are rich in vitamins (A, E and B-group), minerals (zinc, silica, potassium), omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and amino acids.