Lash Makeup With No Clumping? These Mascaras Guarantee It!

Eyelashes provide the most beautiful frame for the eyes. That’s why every woman pays so much attention to choosing the right mascara for herself. At the same time, many mascaras ensure exceptional performance only in theory. Quite often, even during the first application, you can see that the manufacturer’s declarations have little to do with reality. Having said that, what makes a good mascara, and which products are worth testing?

Which mascara will allow you to achieve spectacular results?

Many women face the same problem when choosing a mascara. Often after the purchase and the first application, it turns out that the mascara is clumpy and makes the lashes look stiff and dry. In addition, many women can not avoid staining their eyelids when applying their lash makeup which in turn, spoils the whole effect.

It turns out that good mascara lets you avoid all these problems. Moreover, the best mascara ensures that no woman has to worry about:

  • excessive clumping or flaking of the mascara while wearing it;
  • “panda eyes effect”, product smudging under the eyes;
  • stained eyelids when trying to reach the lashes in the corners of the eyes.

Certainly, many women are looking for a mascara like that. However, does it exist?

The TOP 4 mascaras that prove most reliable!

Yes, mascara that meets all the requirements of modern women does exist. At the same time, you need to know how to find these products in the maze of others and this can be a difficult task.

That’s why here are the TOP 4 products women should pay more attention to. It’s time to get to know them better!

1. Nanolash mascara

The Nanolash mascara is in first place on the list. Certainly, many women are already very familiar with this product as it has already become very popular since it first appeared on the market.

The Nanolash mascara is a premium quality product. The most important thing is that this mascara does not flake or clump the lashes. This means that users do not have to worry about the “panda eyes effect”. In addition, the Nanolash mascara comes with a perfectly shaped brush, that’s made of silicone. Thanks to the brush, it is possible to separate the eyelashes precisely.

Another important aspect is that the Nanolash mascara comes in two versions:

2. Lashcode Mascara

Lashcode Mascara is also one of the more popular and best eyelash makeup products. Let’s start by saying this mascara has lengthening and thickening properties and allows you to achieve satisfactory results.

Lashcode Mascara is an extremely long-wear product. It does not flake or crumble during the day. The brush of Lashcode Mascara is perfectly shaped and easily reaches even the shortest lashes located in the corners of the eyes. People who have already tested this mascara were satisfied with its performance.

3. Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara

Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara is primarily meant to thicken the lashes and give them much more volume. It is quite a popular product that also deserves attention.

It is worth knowing that Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara is a long-wear product. It does not wear off during the day, nor does it flake. The only problem here may be when the mascara is exposed to moisture which leads to the product smudging a bit. However, users point out that the brush is quite problematic too. It has stiff bristles and is also extremely short. This, in turn, means that reaching the short lashes may end up with staining the eyelids.

4. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Max Factor 2000 Calorie is a popular drugstore mascara. It is supposed to not only lengthen but also significantly thicken the lashes. However, many women point out that a satisfactory effect can be obtained only after applying two coats of mascara. The users, however, do not have any major objections concerning the brush which is quite well-shaped and allows you to style your eyelashes without clumps.

The durability of the mascara turned out to be a big problem though. Users indicate they experienced the mascara flaking just several hours after the first application. They also failed to avoid the “panda eyes effect” on rainy days.

Mascara comparison summary

The best mascara should meet the expectations of modern women. Currently, it seems like the Nanolash mascara is the best option as it clearly outclassed the competition.

You should remember that the right mascara can make eyelash makeup a real pleasure and it lets you achieve the intended results. For this reason, it is so important to make the right decision.