Post-pregnancy skin. How does the skin change and how to take care of it?

Many women observe skin problems already during pregnancy. It is time when hormones take over and can cause, for example hyperpigmentations and acne. What can you do to restore your skin with beautiful appearance post-pregnancy?

The way your skin changes after the pregnancy largely depends on your hormones. However, you can also have an impact on it. The skin may endure the changes in our organism better or worse depending on your lifestyle during the pregnancy.

How does the skin change after the pregnancy?

The most common problem post-pregnancy is acne. First imperfections may appear in the first few months of the pregnancy and we tend to count that all will get back to normal after the child is born. However, usually, that is not the case and the acne skin stays with us for much longer.

Another problem after the pregnancy are hyperpigmentations – often way more difficult to get rid of than the acne. Some of them are a result of scratching and popping the pimples. Nonetheless, apart from acne scaring women may also deal with uneven skin tone which is the result of hormones or greater sensitivity to light.

Don’t wait! Take care of your skin while you are still pregnant

When first imperfections appear, most women just leave them be. After all it’s difficult to undergo any stronger brightening and regenerating treatments when you expect a baby. You can’t take any pills, you can’t use retinol, you can’t use acids.

However, you can use natural oils for skincare. The most delicate one and usually recommended to pregnant women is sweet almond oil that restores skin with natural beauty in a fast and gentle way. You can use it instead of cream, as a face wash, or as a make-up remover so that skin is better nourished, moisturized, and smooth. This oil has also lifting and rejuvenating properties.

How to take care of skin post-pregnancy?

After the baby is born, you can use some stronger methods and introduce cosmetics with intense action to eliminate acne, hyperpigmentations, and spots. Among many, you should try products such as:

  • face serum – the best option is brightening serum with vitamin C which due to concentrated ascorbic acid is able to brighten the skin, restore its beautiful glow and take care of your skin so that it’s beautiful; just a few drops of this serum massaged in the face twice a day can do the difference;
  • gentle enzymatic exfoliator – it works great for hyperpigmentations because it gets rid of dead skin cells while stimulating processes of natural cell renewal for smooth and younger-looking skin.

Remember the basics: the diet

It is still best to remember that the appearance of the skin post-pregnancy as well as before it depends on the lifestyle. The immense meaning holds the diet that should be healthy and balanced. The more vitamins A, E, D, fatty acids, and minerals, the greater likelihood of skin dealing with imperfections on its own. When well nourished, it is a greater potential for regeneration.

What should you eat so that your skin can be beautiful post-pregnancy? Most of all, those will be products rich in fatty acids (fish, oils, nuts, seeds), zinc, and silicon (meat, seafood, germs, sunflower) as well as lots of vegetables (Brussels sprout, cabbage, onion, spinach, broccoli).