RANKING: Eyebrow Pomades Reviews. Pick the Best One to Create the Most Stunning Makeup!

Eyebrow pomade is an exceptional product: thick, creamy, evenly covers the brows and stays put for a long time, resistant to water and rubbing off. In eyebrow makeup, it is a life-saver for very thin, sparse brows. Being precise, it allows you to create the desired eyebrow shape and even draw in missing hairs! Even though it is thick and paste-like, it will let you enjoy natural-looking brows and, at the same time, camouflage all sparse spots. How to choose the best eyebrow pomade that gets you flawless brow makeup? Check out the ranking and pick out a true expert in this field!

brow makeup pomade ranking

What Is the Best Eyebrow Pomade Like?

A perfect brow pomade for flawless brow makeup needs the proper texture, creamy and manageable, and also perfect pigmentation. The colors should look natural and elegant on eyebrows. Another important feature is long-wear makeup so that it stays put all day and is waterproof – naturally, we also want it to be budget-friendly. Believe it or not, you don’t need to choose the most expensive product to have the best eyebrow pomade and stunning makeup. Our round-up presents the most popular, highest-ranked and best eyebrow pomades. See which one makes the best choice!

Eyebrow Pomade – How to Choose the Best Product?

To pick out the best brow pomade, you need to… just read our ranking! We know that a good brow pomade is the one that creates flawless makeup: it needs to be creamy, soft and easy to manage. Stay away from hard and dry pomades: they will not give you professional results. The choice of color matters as well: for light hair, choose light and neutral or cool shades for blondes. If you have dark hair, then go for brown or dark brown. For brunettes, dark and ideally cool colors will be best.

The Best Eyebrow Pomade: How Have We Picked the Winner?

What brow pomade proves best? Which one is worth picking? Which one will deliver the best results and long-lasting makeup?

We have tested many eyebrow pomades. The ranking includes only the best ones that deserve to be noted and receive the highest user ratings. A good brow pomade should have some special features, the key ones include:

  • perfect pigmentation
  • waterproof formula and durability
  • lovely, natural shades
  • glowing reviews
  • the best price
  • the most stunning brow makeup


nanobrow eyebrow pomade

PRICE: very attractive


REVIEWS: glowing!You can buy the pomade online, at many beauty supply stores, and through the brand’s official site: nanobrow.co.uk

Girls working at our editorial office loved this brow pomade the most – Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade is appreciated by women across the world. This top brow pomade is waterproof, creamy and nice to apply. We all agree it is best for filling in the brows, plus it has a great price and jar size. The natural shades are enchanting and look beautiful in any lighting, no matter the time of the day. The creamy consistency allows Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade to glide smoothly on the skin – try it and watch your brows go through a real makeover!


PRICE: very high


REVIEWS: positiveYou can find this brow pomade at Anastasia BH’s official online store but you can also search “eyebrow pomade Douglas” online and the product from the “brow queen” will probably pop up too.

Another product in the ranking of the best eyebrow pomades is the gel-like cosmetic from Anastasia Soare: a world-famous makeup artist who released a line of excellent products and was hailed a brow queen fast. Anastasia BH brow pomade is worth noting for sure. It has a unique texture – like a mixture of gel and pomade. Such a consistency works well ensuring stunning makeup. However, there are so many shades that even professionals may be a little confused… They are extremely similar so it might be hard to pick the right one. We definitely appreciate the long-lasting, vegan formula, but we don’t like the high price.


PRICE: high


REVIEWS: positive

You can buy this brow pomade at many online stores as well as in-store.

A unique brow product in our round-up of eyebrow pomades. Because of the unusual texture and a wide range of shades – not just browns, but also green, pink or red – this product isn’t used only as a brow makeup product. It serves as an eyeliner and lip liner. Many Instagrammers say it has even more uses: when you rub it on your cheeks or lips it works as blush or lipstick. Still, let’s stick to the colors that are made for brow makeup: the shades are very subtle; the gel-like consistency makes them good for day makeup. We like how long the pomade stays put, but we don’t like the high price.


PRICE: very high



You can buy the brow pomade at online and offline beauty stores.

Sadly, it is not a budget brow pomade. When it comes to its quality, we have nothing to pick at. You won’t regret buying it if you like the brand, but is it the best eyebrow pomade out there? Maybe it isn’t number one because of the price and finishing bit too fast, but it comes in nice colors and has good pigmentation. We really like it because it’s vegan and waterproof.


PRICE: low


REVIEWS: good and bad

You can buy this brow pomade online or at the brand’s store.

Our ranking also includes a cheap brow pomade. We definitely like its price but the pomade is used up fast, plus has poor pigments. Many reviewers say that not all of the shades look good on the skin. Still, it’s worth mentioning this was one of the first pomades on the market. That’s why it’s a popular and recommended brow pomade. There are mixed reviews: some love it, some hate it. Is it a good brow product? Naturally, it’s up to you.

How to use an eyebrow pomade?

You are probably wondering how to fill in brows with a pomade to create tasteful makeup looking as if done by a pro. Naturally, you need a good brow pomade and the right shade: pick a lighter color to make sure it looks natural and doesn’t leave you looking older. How to use a brow pomade then? Check out our step-by-step guide:

  1. Do your brows after you apply face makeup. Brush through hairs to remove excess foundation.
  2. Scoop a little of your pomade using a flat, angled brush. Use the thinnest tip to mark the upper and lower eyebrow line, remember to maintain the shape and brow mapping. Define the brow tail by putting more product. On the other hand, the front of the brow should stay more subtle: try brushing out excess pomade to get rid of any sharp edges.
  3. Now fill in the brows starting from the end (brow tail) and, using softer strokes, move towards the center and front. Don’t scoop more pomade at this point to avoid making the brow start too dark. By following the steps, you can be sure of natural, elegant brows.

Brush through brows with a spoolie and… you’re done! This is how you use a brow pomade.

How much is eyebrow pomade?

The commercially-available brow pomades have different prices: from absurd low to extremely pricey. What brow pomade to pick then? Do you need to pay a lot to get a good product? Our ranking proves that the best eyebrow pomade doesn’t need to ruin your budget!

Is tinted brow gel better than a pomade?

These are two different products delivering different results so there’s no point in comparing them. However, we should point out that brow gel can be used together with a brow pomade, as a last stage in makeup. Such a gel will hold hairs in place and add extra definition and dimension.

How to fix dried-up brow pomade?

Has your eyebrow pomade dried up? It’s a common problem when a jar stays open for too long. Don’t throw your dried-up pomade away! You can revive it by adding a drop of oil (argan oil or castor oi) or a special, clear emulsion that is made for thinning dried-up cosmetics. To keep brow pomade from drying up, always scoop it, dab it on the back of your hand and close the jar immediately. That will save you opening and closing the pot a few times during your brow makeup routine.