TOP 3 brow pens on the beauty market. Follow our top picks!

TOP 3 brow pens on the beauty market. Follow our top picks!
A brow pen is a perfect tool in the hands of every makeup fan. If you want your hairs to be always perfectly styled and radiate with natural beauty, then choose a long-wear and precise product that makes it possible.

Brow styling does not have to be difficult. We prepared a ranking of 3 brow pens that help you create a phenomenal look for any occasion. Check out our top picks!



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delivers a microbladed brow look
➝ draws ultra-thin lines
➝ makes brow appear thicker and fuller
➝ offers precisely-styled eyebrows

This is a product that cannot go unnoticed! Nanobrow is an innovative and remarkable brow pen, a bestseller among casual shoppers as well as professional makeup artists all over the world. With this brow pen, you’ll be able to create tiny lines, mimicking real hairs. Your brow makeup will become expressive and glowy. You will love this brow pen if you’re looking for a precise tool capable of thickening your natural eyebrows. Its extraordinary formula easily fills gaps and patches, delivering a three-dimensional effect that every woman dreams of. This precision Nanobrow pen draws fine lines that present a very natural look. This brow pen can be found in five subtle shades so you are sure to find one suiting your eyebrow and hair colour. No need to go for a risky permanent makeup procedure. All you have to do is choose this brow pen for your arches to be more expressive and vivid. The waterproof Nanobrow Microblading Pen won’t let your makeup get ruined. The intense pigments and incredible long-wear performance attract crowds. It gives the microbladed brow look so you don’t even need to step out of the house! This safe brow pen is definitely worth its price.


creates extra hairs
➝ gives an effect of naturally filled-in eyebrows
➝ is as lightweight as a feather
➝ has a sturdy and thin tip

The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pen has gone viral all over the world. Its waterproof formula remains intact under any weather conditions. This wonderful product creates additional lines, looking like your real brow hairs. Fill in your arches with one of the beautiful and subtle colours effortlessly. The thin and sturdy tip is created to mask sparse areas. The brow pen’s effects are exceptionally natural and realistic! This product has been made with those in mind who are not quite satisfied with their eyebrow shape. The brow pen is vegan and cruelty-free – many consumers praise this quality. You should start the application with the most patchy areas and then fill the rest of your eyebrows with the chosen colour. The Anastasia BH brow pen hits the jackpot!


has a very thin tip
➝ the created lines resemble real hairs
➝ defines and fills the arches
➝ conditions and nourishes hairs

This unique brow pen delivers a microbladed brow look. It glides over the skin smoothly, masking all the gaps and patches. The brow pen colours sparse areas and ensures mesmerizing, long-wear effects for 24 hours. Its waterproof formula is resistant to sweat and smudging. Importantly – this brow pen combines brow care and styling in one. The composition includes a nourishing tea tree oil and vitamin E. The brow pen is equipped with a spoolie brush. This brow pen is vegan and dermatologically tested. It’s well-known and a favourite of numerous makeup fans. If you’re not satisfied with how your eyebrows look, this brow pen will meet your expectations. Shake it a little before use to activate the action of the liquid. Comb through your brows using the spoolie that comes with the set. Gently fill in eyebrows with a handy applicator. The Tarte brow pen is a great, professional tool in every consumer’s hands.