What Are Natural Oils’ Benefits? Hair Oil Treatment Advantages

They owe their extraordinary benefits to an excellent combination of essential fatty acids with vitamins, phytosterols, antioxidants, etc. They’re hair-care savers. Oils. What are their properties?

Adjusting hair care routine to the needs of hair matters most. Dry scalp needs hydration, damaged hair needs repair whereas in case of dandruff, you must soothe the inflammation. Everything we need can be found in oils.

Great power in a small seed

Why are oils so effective for all hair types? Because they are so varied. They have different properties depending on the plants they are extracted from. The lower the temp during the pressing process, the more nutrients the oils keep. That’s why cold-pressed oils are the most valuable. They’re usually extracted from the seeds of fruit in which the rich essence is hidden. If we look for the biggest concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients of a given plant, it’s included in the seeds.

What benefits do oils have?

Natural oils equal the rich source of fatty acids which make up the skin natural protective barrier. The hydro-lipid layer shields the skin from the loss of water; a moisturised scalp means healthier hair. Your hair needs fatty acids, too, because they’re like a bond that seals the external hair layer. No doubts that there’s no other ingredient so essential for the hair as natural oils.


1. They maintain the hydration. Even though oils can’t moisturise the hair, they lock water in the scalp and strands.

2. They keep the right pH. Acid-base balance in the scalp is important to the hair as it affects the condition of bulbs (hair root).

3. They deliver the full protection. A coat of oils that cover your hair is the best way for protecting against the heat, sunlight, toxins, etc.

4. They improve hair condition. Thanks to nourishing the bulbs and increasing the blood flow to the scalp, hair’s stronger, elastic and less brittle.

5. They beautify the hair. Feel free to use oils while styling because they increase smoothness, softness and shine, and give the right texture.