Why Should You Try DIY Lash Extensions?

Every woman cares about her lashes. They frame the eyes and face, which is why the DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash are worth checking. These cluster lashes are growing in popularity. Why should you give them a try too?

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False cluster lashes – what should you learn about the DIY Lash Extensions?

The DIY Eyelash Extensions are new on the cosmetic market. These unique lash clusters from Nanolash guarantee easy eyelash extension at home!

Most of you may be wondering how it is possible. Well, the DIY Eyelash Extensions are the cluster lashes that allow you create desired lash style in just 10 minutes. Go for the gorgeous Hollywood-style fans or more subtle, everyday lash look. Whatever you decide on – 10 minutes is always enough to turn your looks around.

The cluster lashes DIY Eyelash Extensions are available in two versions:

  • individual set – includes 36 clusters in 3 sizes (10, 12 and 14 mm) and 8 styles.
  • eyelash extensions kit – in addition to the cluster lashes, it includes lash tweezers, sealer, remover and bonder from the brand Nanolash.

How to apply cluster lashes Nanolash?

DIY eyelash extension is super simple with the lightweight cluster lashes Nanolash. These false lashes are designed so that even first-timers can put them on worry-free.

The DIY lash clusters have a black, flexible band which hides any unevenness. The cluster lashes application consists of just four simple steps:

  • application of the bonder – a thin coat of the glue is enough
  • giving the bonder time to create necessary stickiness – it usually takes from 30 to 60 seconds
  • picking clusters and placing them at the base of lashes, around 1 mm away from lash line
  • pressing the clusters and applying the sealer as a finishing touch – you get rid of any stickiness
How to apply cluster lashes

You can put on as many lash clusters as you like. 4 or 5 clusters are recommended per single application. Naturally, you can mix and match until you achieve the desired lash style.

The cluster lashes DIY Lash Extensions last on eyes for up to 5 days. During this time, you don’t need to take the false lashes off for sleep, however, it is advised to avoid oil-based cosmetics. Most of them have a bad effect on the lash glue.

The DIY cluster lashes by Nanolash are soft and perfect for any eye shape. You shouldn’t have any problems applying cluster lashes at home fast.

The Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions – review wrap-up

The DIY lash extensions by Nanolash are unique and deserve to be hailed as a premium product for the endless benefits – these cluster lashes for DIY application are super soft, flexible, easy to apply and they come in various styles.

Applying cluster lashes from Nanolash will take you 10 minutes tops. They are good quality and stay put for even up to 5 days. It is a brilliant way to turn your looks around without causing damage to natural lashes.

The DIY Eyelash Extensions are great for special occasions as well as unplanned outings. Thanks to the variety of styles, you can create different lash looks. They’re amazing false lashes for wedding, everyday wear or photo shoots.

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