Acne skin care. Tips and tricks on how to fight blemishes and blackheads

Acne is a disease that affects not only adolescents but also adults. Skin changes appear in the least expected moments and in different places on the body, often taking away self-confidence and a sense of beauty. Is there a way to get rid of acne?

Eucerin-INT_DermoPure_Article_620-Pflegeempfehlung_00headerSymptoms and causes of acne

The causes of acne are most often hormones, genetic conditions and improper skin care. The secretion of excessive amounts of sebum, keratosis of hair follicles and bacteria living on our skin is also to blame for it. Acne also occurs in connection with the use of certain drugs, the use of unsuitable cosmetics, poor diet, stress, stimulants or long exposure to the sun. What are the symptoms of acne? They include seborrhea, zits, blackheads, inflammation, pimples and blemishes. Sometimes there are deep changes in the subcutaneous tissue that leave scars or discolourations.

Cleansing and toning

The best cosmetics to cleanse acne skin will be gels, micellar water and face wash foams. They should have a delicate formula, a mild composition and must not contain any detergents or alcohol. Such products have refreshing, mattifying and antibacterial properties. It is best to use a non-alcoholic toner for toning the skin, which will provide a natural pH. It is not recommended to use cosmetics that tighten pores of the skin, because the side effect of their action is the severity of acne.

Moisturizing acne skin

It’s the best you can do for acne-prone skin. The moisturizing cosmetic should be perfectly matched to the skin type, time of day and year and to your individual needs. It is worth using light, mattifying and water-retaining products for the epidermis during the day, but more importantly, they protect against UV radiation. At night, use regenerative, brightening and smoothing creams.

Effective cosmetics and treatments

In the fight against acne, spot treatment cosmetics that soothe and cure inflammation will come in handy. You can use an ointment with zinc or ichthyol. However, the treatment that will help get rid of acne and remove discolouration is a chemical or enzymatic peel carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

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