Argan oil – the best stylist in the world.

Oils used for hair treatment….yes, you have probably heard about them. You know that they can do a lot for your hair and are very popular. Unfortunately, you do not know which one to chose or even how to use it. My advise: pick the one that is described in traditional medicine and Eastern philosophy.

Ayurveda defines argan oil as product primarily designed for hair care. The oil does not only repair damages done by time, sun and you alone (colouring), but also effectively protects hair and scalp before the next styling whim. Using the product regularly, you do not have to worry about using hot tools like blow-dryer or straightener in the future. Of course, we do not recommend you daily torture it with high temperatures. After all, those are just weak, thin fibres. However, if you protect your strands with argain oil treatments, even blow-drying or straightening will not be as harmful.

Argan oil not only protects hair, but also allows to tame it. Applied on dry hair will help to achieve the desired hairstyle and prevent frizz. It works like a professional stylist – guarantees the perfect hairstyle.

What is more, argan oil used consistently provides your hair with strength, vitality and resilience. Additionally, it boosts hair growth process. Vitamin E, which occurs in the oil at a high concentration, is responsible not only for the beauty and youth of hair, but also greatly boosts its growth.

There is one important issue left to explain – how to use argan oil in hair care? You can do this in several ways:

  1. Oiling dry hair – apply a few drops of oil on your hair and scalp. Leave it on for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Later, (or in the morning) wash your head using a gentle shampoo and dry your hair as usual.
  2. Oiling wet hair before washing – you can use oil as a hair mask. apply argan oil on damp hair and wait about 30 minutes. Next, wash everything off with a mild shampoo.
  3. Oiling wet hair after washing – oil applied immediately after washing will nourish your hair. However, remember to avoid scalp area. Start from ear level and head downwards. There is no need to rinse it. Dose with caution.
  4. Oil on dry hair without rinsing – oil rubbed only on the dry ends or dry hair from the middle of the length, will act as an agent for styling and adding shine to hair. Additionally, it will improve its condition and shine and also protect against the adverse effects of external factors (wind, cold, harsh sun).

I have the feeling that you just found your new personal stylist.

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