Bronzer Oil-Free from Shseido

The summer is just around the corner and you are dying to already have brown suntan? In this text, you are going to find an answer, what to do, to enjoy pretty and sunny colour of your skin right now!

Bronzer Oil-Free from ShseidoA handful guidelines for sunbathing

Probably, nice suntan will never be out of fashion. Obviously, we are talking about this healthy, slightly brown suntan. Naturally, skin that is burnt or the one got due to spending long hours lying in a solarium tube is not the suntan associated with beauty. In fact, this kind of tan looks rather funny and cheesy. What is more, being exposed to the natural sun rays or the artificial ones provided by solarium tubes can end very badly four our skin. After such an exposition, our skin may become covered with wrinkles, solar marks and pigmentation marks. Moreover, the skin may turn into being extremely dry, dehydrated and can exfoliate easily. Unfortunately, yogurts and cooling compresses are not going to help in this case. The products that are likely to comfort the skin are the reams containing high sunscreen filter or cosmetics of deeply moisturizing properties. In extreme cases, dermatological treatment might appear to be crucial.

Safe suntan

How to achieve the effect of tanned and healthy skin when the sun is still hiding behind clouds? Generally, it is worth using bronzing products. One of these is Bronzer Oil-Free from Shiseido. As its name speaks for itself, this cosmetic does not contain oils. For that very reason, this product is suitable for oil, combination and acne skin. Furthermore, it has got light consistency, the skin is provided with natural effect and with the extraordinary smooth. Another advantage, Bronzer Oil-Free from Shiseido is easy to apply and can aid with face shaping (for instance, with evening disparities.) Lastly, the cosmetic does not contain any sparkling flecks.

Bronzer Oil-Free from Shiseido is sold in a small package closed with a click. Inside, we can find a mirror as well as a wide and flat make up brush. In other words, the package is a sort of an ideal set for outdoor makeup touching up. The product from Shiseido is available in three shades which are able to match every skin type. These are obviously beige and bronze shades.

To apply Bronzer Oil-Free use the makeup brush attached to the powder. To dab the skin with the bronzer, start from the forehead, dust the bronzer at the hairline, cheeks, and chin. Try to move the applicator in the shape of the number ‘3’. Basically, the powder can be also applied in a more traditional way. All you need to do is put your lips together and create so called duck face or simply smile. Then paint your cheekbones with Bronzer Oil-Free.

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