Cosmetics based on fruits: features

Fruit extracts are added to cosmetics for many reasons: they deliver rejuvenating action, highlight complexion and improve suppleness of skin. Moreover, fruit extracts gift cosmetics with beautiful colour and fragrance. What are other features of fruity beauty products?

fruit-extracts.jpgCosmetics based on fruits: features

Fruit acids cleanse

Acids that fruit contains are able to exfoliate dead epidermis cells therefore they are recommended to be used for treating dehydrated skin. Also, fruit acids deal with discolorations and scars.

Sugar, waxes and fruit acids moisturise

  • Sugar relieves irritations, delivers anti-inflammatory action and moisturises.
  • Waxes shields skin with a thin coat which takes over the protective functions. Moreover, they are used as a base fixing a preparation.
  • Oils restores hydro-lipid barrier and softens skin. Moreover they deliver anti-inflammatory action and accelerate cell self-renewal processes.

Fruit added to cosmetics delivers anti-inflammatory action

Tannins contained in fruit make skin more tight: they shrink skin pores, act antiseptic, anti-inflammatory as well as slow down sweat and sebum secretion. Moreover, they are used to treat acne, scalds and fungal infections. It’s also worth mentioning that walnuts and raspberry leaves contain tannins as well.

Fruit added to cosmetics rejuvenate

These are phytohormones, anti-oxidants and escin.

  • Phytohormones increase skin suppleness through collagen and elasticin synthesis encouragement. Furthermore, they boost hyaluronic acid production that is responsible for managing water in skin. Also, they stimulate cell self-renewal processes.
  • Anti-oxidants neutralize adverse action of free radicals – the agents responsible for skin ageing processes.
  • Escin reinforces gradual weakening (with age) of blood vessels, relieves pain, reduces swellings and acts anti-inflammatory.

Fruit added to cosmetics either highlights skin or makes it darker

Substances extracted from fruit can gift cosmetics with a particular colour. For example, fruit of common sea buckthorn are rich in beta-carotene and colour skin orange, whereas arbutin contained in blueberry and mulberry is able to highlight skin discolorations.

Fruit added to cosmetics: essential oils

Essential oils can perform various functions depending on the features a particular fruit has. To demonstrate, orange oil slows down ageing processes, lime oil disinfects, tangerine oil makes skin more tight, whereas grapefruit helps reduce cellulite.

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