Declare War on Pigmentation Spots! Effective Remedies for Discolored Skin

It is not true that pigmentation spots are most common in ageing skin. They don’t affect only the elderly because there are lots of causes of their occurrence and they depend on various factors. It is true that an advanced age works as a trigger. However, pigmentation spots also result from too much exposure to the sun, regular use of sunbeds and wrong cosmetics. When they appear – don’t break down – discover the remedies.

home-remedies-for-pigmentation-spots-on-skin.jpgHow are pigmentation spots formed?

Discolored skin on face or hands results from intensified production of melanocytes. Epidermis doesn’t handle the overproduction of melanin and tries to (unsuccessfully) deal with it – usually by producing unsightly, eye-catching brown spots. Pigmentation spots can be caused by:

  • too much exposure of the face skin to the sunlight;
  • ingredients in beauty products that react badly to the sunlight;
  • poorer defensive functions of skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • liver diseases.

How to whiten pigmentation spots?

Removing pigmentation spots in a pro beauty clinic is the fastest, easiest and at the same time the most effective remedy for pigmentation spots. On the other hand, not everyone wants it or can afford it. Visiting a dermatologist who defines the type of pigmentation spots and tells you to do some extra tests (e.g. hormones, thyroid, liver function tests) makes a good choice.

Currently, the cosmetic market abounds in truly effective products which – used regularly – make skin lighter, gradually eliminate pigmentation spots and hold back the occurrence of new ones. Beneficial vitamin C products are one of the best-selling and most effective ones.

If you’re looking for skin-illuminating and hyperpigmentation-reducing products, make sure there are arbutin and hydrochinon in the list of ingredients. These substances block the activity of melanocytes and hinder the over-production of melanin.

Beauty parlors offer a special cavitation peel which brilliantly removes minor discoloration spots. However, you can make use of the exfoliating power of the scrub at home. If your an owner of sensitive skin – give a gommage or enzyme scrub a try. Its regular use effectively exfoliates epidermis and helps get rid of unsightly blemishes. Another asset focuses on better results of all kinds of illuminating products thanks to increased skin absorption.

Homemade skin-whitening products

Camomile turns out to be a perfect illuminator, remaining an irreplaceable, gentle and soothing ingredient that hugely enhances our skin. Camomile doesn’t deliver instant effects which is its one and only drawback – you must be patient and use it regularly. Also, try camomile oil to intensify the results – a life-changing remedy for various skin problems; its concentrated formula works more strongly and reduces the visibility of pigmentation spots more quickly. A cucumber is another home remedy for discolored skin, making freckles less visible and reducing spots. Grate it and apply to face skin like a facial mask; it used to be appreciated by our great grandmas as well. Currently, people desiring a fair, pigmentation-free skin like to reach for it. Feel free to use a cucumber mask a few times a week.

Want to make it work more strongly? Put the cucumber pulp in the fridge and take it out after a moment. A cool mask is going to increase blood flow and prevent the occurrence of new unwanted spots in the future. Why don’t you enrich your cucumber mask with some lemon juice? It also has brightening properties plus regulates natural pH.

A potato compress is another famous home remedy for pigmentation spots. Grate a potato, wait to see the juice and use it for your mask: mix the juice with honey and yogurt. Next, apply it to face and rinse out using lukewarm water after around 20 minutes. What’s more, you can apply the potato juice topically to spots – not necessarily to the entire face area.

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