Do you know how long you can use cosmetics and make-up accessories safely? Part 2

‘Best use before…’ this inscription is known to everybody. And everybody knows that this caption concerns the validity of cosmetics. In other words, this is nothing more than the restricted and assumptive period of time during which the cosmetic should be consumed. Why assumptive? Simply because we cannot set out precisely, when a washcloth become moulted or when a balm turns out to be a home for bacteria. Do you know, how long you can use all your cosmetics and beauty accessories?

Make-up trends voor de lente, zomer 2015For example, six months is the period of time when a sponge for applying make-up can be used. Obviously, it is advisable to wash it from time to time, if not after every single usage. It can be done by soaking the sponge with the water and soap mixture or spray it with the disinfectant fluid. After that, it is suggested to leave the sponge aside till the excess of water evaporates. What is extremely crucial, never use hairdryer to fasten this process. All that is going to be done is the destruction of sponge’s structure.

Secondly, a lipstick can be safely used only for nine months. During this period of time, we can try to clean it in various ways. For instance, it is suffice to take a cotton pad and collect with it all the impurities. Still, remember to clean also the package. While performing this kind of cleaning, bear in mind to be extremely delicate. Otherwise, it may happen that the lipstick could get broken. It that case, it is obvious, that further cleaning does not have any sense at all, and all you have to do is grabbing your wallet and going to the nearest shop to buy a new lipstick.

Thirdly, eyeliners and face creams can be used for a year. Likely to other cosmetics, it is essential to clean also the inside of a container, lids and the top of the eyeliner. For six months longer all cosmetics in a form of liquid can be used. For example, lipglosses or concealers. When it comes to perfumes, nail polishes, toothpaste and loose powder, these can be used even within a period of two years. Certainly, nail polish can get dry if stored improperly. Naturally, toothpaste is not going to last for that long, unless somebody brushes teeth everyday. It is worth cleaning powder boxes with a cotton pad soaked with disinfectants, once in a while.

The longest period of consumption belongs to make-up brushes, lip balms, body balms and mouthwashes. This can last even for three years. Nevertheless, if you use the mouthwash straight from the bottle, you have to change it more frequently.

Now, go to your bathroom and do some cleaning.

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