Eyelash lengthening treatments: advantages and disadvantages

It goes without saying that all women want to look gorgeous. What do they attain this goal? Evidently, they buy new clothes, change their hairstyle, visit a beautician and… lengthen their eyelashes. Why? Do the extended eyelashes help anyhow in a women’s life? Honestly, yes and no. Undoubtedly, there are several advantages of performing this kind of the beauty treatment. Nevertheless, there are also the disadvantages. Read about the pluses and minuses of eyelash lengthening treatments and decide whether you really want to look beautiful or just natural.

How does the eyelash lengthening treatment look like?

Before enumerating advantages and disadvantages, let us examine, how the eyelash lengthening process itself looks like. First of all, a beautician separates the lower eyelid from the upper one with a special eyelash pad. Next, with the tweezers, she isolates a single eyelash and attaches to it one false eyelash. To enable the false eyelashes to stick to the natural ones the beautician applies a special black glue, also known as adhesive, which turns transparent after drying out. What is more, eyelash lengthening process lasts up to three hours. To the total cost of the beauty treatment, you have to add several infilling sessions. It is important to know, that after this treatment, it is not allowed to rub the eyes, have hot baths, use a sauna or a swimming pool, sleep on the side or on the belly and put oily cosmetic products directly on the eyelashes.

Eyelash lengthening – advantages

Definitely, to the advantages of eyelash lengthening belong: good look, time saving and the convenience. The lengthened eyelashes stays on the desired place even for a few months, obviously, when the beauty treatment is performed flawlessly. Right before the treatment, the beautician should pick the appropriate length, thickness and the angle of curving of the false eyelashes. Needles to say, that when she selects the appropriate parameters of the false eyelashes, the client will enjoy the good look for a long time. Nevertheless, if it was not for the infilling sessions, the eyelashes would not be so beautiful. It is inevitable for eyelashes to fall out, and, as a consequence, asymmetry is visible in the comparison with the other eye, and even with the parts of the eyelids. Having eyelashes lengthened, we save our time because we do not have to apply mascara any longer. There is no need in mascaraing the attached eyelashes (especially made from mink’s fur) since these are already of pitch black colour. Furthermore, synthetic eyelashes seem to be light and precisely brushed, whereas, mascaraed eyelashes cannot be only stuck together but also unwillingly decorated with black gobs which causes rather unattractive effect. Basically, lengthened eyelashes are also the equivalent of the wearing comfort. What is more, the false eyelashes are gentle and flexible, these have natural shade, as well.

Eyelash lengthening – disadvantages

On the other hand, disadvantages of lengthening eyelashes outnumber the advantages. These are, for example, falling out of synthetic eyelashes together with the real ones, the cost, systematic infilling sessions, materials out of which are made false eyelashes, the synthetic eyelash distortion, allergic reactions and eyes ailments, weakness of the natural eyelashes, banning from using waterproof cosmetics and two-phase liquids (these can melt the glue.) The lifespan of a natural eyelash lasts from 100 up to 150 days. After this period of time, the eyelash is replaced with the newly grown one. It stands to a reason that with the falling out of the natural lash, the attached false ones are lost as well. As a consequence, a little gap is created which, in turn, disfigures our eyelid. For that reason, the beauty salons offer false eyelash infills sessions. The beauty treatments of eyelash lengthening and, then infilling, are charged with quite high amount of money. Do not forget to add the hours wasted on lying on the beauty bed. Furthermore, false eyelashes are made from Siberian mink’s fur, synthetic or silk-polyester fibers. These materials can cause allergic reactions on those people who have got sensitive skin and eyes. Similar irritations can be caused by the glue used during the treatment of false eyelash attachment. What is more, after some period of time, the lengthened eyelashes can become distorted, which means that they can flop, change their shape or lose the flexibility. Suddenly, the appealing appearance vanishes and our eyes seem sad and optically smaller. When it comes to the contraindications, we can enumerate allergies, dermatological and ophthalmological diseases. The women who undergone eye plastic surgery, have got weakened eyelashes, inflammation of conjunctiva and sensitive eye skin area are not allowed to lengthen their eyelashes. During the beauty treatment the natural eyelashes are loaded with the adhesive and with false eyelashes. The condition of natural eyelashes becomes deteriorated, they became more prone to falling out and damages. Moreover, while deciding on eyelash lengthening, we have to follow particular rules. Some of these have been mentioned before. What has left is the ban from the application of thick and oily consistency cosmetics.

Eyelash lengthening vs. other methods

nanolash serum

Is eyelash lengthening treatment the only method available making women look pretty and charming? Naturally, there are plenty of ways due to which the long and thick eyelashes can be achieved. One of this method can be the use of Nanolash eyelash conditioner. This cosmetic strengthens, regenerates and stimulates growth of new eyelashes. What is more, Nanolash lengthens, thicknesses and darkens eyelashes, as well. The first effects appear just after several weeks since the first application. The results last all the time. Yet another advantage of Nanolash eyelash conditioner is its natural composition, sensitive eyelid skin protection and the lack of irritation risk. What is more, if you want to enhance your eyelash condition, you can try cosmetic therapy based on various oils application. These preparations nourish, regenerate, moisturize and make eyelashes shine but these do not make the eyelashes longer. Furthermore, the skillful usage of a mascara may also help our eyelashes to look as if these were long. All you have to do is buying the high quality mascara and learn all the techniques of painting eyelashes, which are used by the professional make-up artists.

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