Feel like a shampoo advertisement star: #bundropchallenge

This is not a first time when Instagram determines the hottest trends and throws us a challenge. Social media have significant role in our present life, and that is why we are so keen on being a part of such actions, like #bundropchallenge. What is it all about? Why has Bun Drop Challenge stolen women’s hearts?

1431615129-sunnie-lead-bunAt the beginning, on the Instagram you could view pictures of your friends. At some point, social media was flooded by stars, celebrities, make-up artists, or even cosmetic companies. This portal became the perfect place for them to show themselves and endorse their products. Today, it happens mostly in the videos, not exclusively photos any more.

Intagram has just gone crazy over videos uploaded with the #bundropchallenge. What is this new trend? What is it all about with this, yet another, female challenge? Who can participate and what is its purpose? You will learn all about it below.


The name gives it away. Under #bundropchallenge is hidden a challenge that is based on letting the hair tied in bun down. Sounds weird? But it looks like from the shampoo advertisement. The videos are made in slow motion, so the moment hair untangle is super effective.

How to participate in Bun Drop Challenge?

Most of all you have to have really long hair – at least half of the back length. The longer hair the more glamorous result. You stand with your back to the camera, so it would catch about half of the body. Brush your hair and wrap them the way you do for the bun at the top of your head and hold it with your hand. From this moment the recording starts. Let hair loose, so that they untangle on their own. You can help them a little by gently shaking your head.

The effect of #bundropchallenge

The moment when the bun unwraps in the slow motion is surprisingly interesting. A lot of people admits that they cannot look away when they watch it. We just love long hair, and when they are in motion, then their true beauty is unravelled.

How to use Bun Drop Challenge?

Bloggers and hair stylists use this trend to show the hottest trends in colourisation – from highlights to lowlights and rainbow. Firstly, #bundropchallenge provides advertising benefits. Secondly, we benefit from it, because for once in our lives we can feel like we are in the expensive shampoo commercial.

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