Gentle face cleansing – how to cleanse the face the right way without irritating

Every day we wash the face, dry it with a towel, reach for a toner and a face cream, and do not think too much about whether our makeup removal and cleansing work properly. Usually, we do it automatically and without deeper reflection. We do not even think whether we help or hurt the skin.

beauty.jpgWhat is better to use for makeup removal – a foam, a toner or a gel?

What is the pH of the skin? What does alkaline reaction mean?

Why is skin toner so important?

Are all face soaps bad and are they worth using at all?

If you ever asked yourself similar questions or just simply want to know how to cleanse your skin best- read the article below. It may turn out that it will revolutionize your routine and change the condition of your face for better.

Before you start…

remember that makeup removal is a must. After all day, the skin is just … dirty. It contains dust, fumes, toxins, bacteria, excess sebum and does not allow it to breathe through the layers of cosmetics. It all causes that not only is it rapidly getting older, but it also gains pimples and blackheads. It starts to get oily or excessively dry. Makeup removing and cleansing your face after the whole day is extremely important.

Makeup removal – how to do it correctly?

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, therefore washing and cleansing the eyelids should be least invasive as possible. There are products available on the market for eye makeup removal, which do not require friction – just apply a soaked cotton pad to the eyelid and wait for the cosmetic to “take off” the mascara and eyeshadows. Waterproof mascara is best removed with two-phase makeup remover. To prevent wrinkles and not to stretch the delicate skin around the eyes every day, cleanse with vertical up-down movements.

Facial cleanser – what is a better solution: a lotion, a gel or a mousse?

It all depends on what type of skin you have. The owners of dry and sensitive skin will prefer a milk, which moisturizes and gently lubricates the skin. It is richer in emollients and caring ingredients. The lotion is to be applied to the cotton pad. Wipe the skin gently, often changing it to a new and fresh one (until it is clean and will no longer collect the remains of cosmetics).

Makeup removal gels and foams are a bit lighter, usually recommended to normal or combination skin type. A good solution is the use of micellar water – it is a fully comprehensive cosmetics that replaces the face wash gel, makeup remover, and a toner. Its action is based on micelles – tiny molecules that attract and remove dirt from our skin while toning and nourishing.

Toner – why is it so important for the skin?

Face wash lotion is often neglected. We wash the face, rub it with a face washing milk and, unfortunately, we forget about using the toner. Meanwhile, it is necessary for the skin, because it regulates its acidity- in other words, it balances the pH level. Our skin is acidic which is much lower than tap water and most cosmetics. In order for it to be in good shape and not rebel by forming blackheads, drying, oiling or peeling it is important that it has its own acidic reaction. The facial lotion helps to regain the skin’s natural pH. It is a good idea to wash your face even several times during the day or spray your face with hydrolates.

The acidity of the skin and toning result from the fact that the water we often use when cleansing the face is neutral. This, however, is too high for the pH of the skin, because this, in turn, has a pH of 5.5. The high pH of the skin works to its disadvantage: it cannot peel and clean well enough, instead, it dries up and bacteria accumulate on the face contributing to the formation of acne.

Soaps – are they worth buying at all?

Soap is still considered by many of us to be the best washing and cleansing agent for the body. Many women do not imagine cleansing their face without using soap. Meanwhile, it is alkaline, that is, it has a very high pH. This makes the soap wash any fatty substances from the intercellular cement of our skin. Squalene deficiency causes the face to dry out and irritate – hence the sensation of astringent skin.

If you do not have soaps from Aleppo or natural ones with an admixture of oils – keep them away from your face. If you cannot give up “soap care”, choose natural butter that does not have synthetic substances or petroleum derivatives in it. They will not dry the face, and the oils contained in them will work as a delicate emollient.

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