Grey hair: How should you take care of it?

Natural or colour-treated grey hair? There are people who willingly decide to colour their strands grey. There are also people who are afraid of having grey hair. However, have you realised that even grey hair can look attractive and not at all have to be a testimony to old age?

grey-hair.jpgNot so long ago celebrities were dyeing their hair… grey. Is it because they couldn’t wait for the old age? Absolutely not! They did it because this colour was the hottest trend. Right shade of this colour can not only emphasise your beauty, but also ensure you with original appearance. Besides, by adding some silver, black, navy or blue strands you will feel special and beautiful. What’s really interesting on the cosmetic market appeared several products dedicated for grey hair care.

Why hair become grey?

With age hair lose pigment and become deprived of colour, keratin tube. Melanocytes, cells responsible for pigment production (melanin) become less active. As a result hair lose colour. Grey hair can be determined by genes or cause by stress or trauma. It can spread gradually or happen overnight.

How should you take care of grey hair?

Grey hair require entirely different care than young and healthy hair. Grey strands lose gloss and elasticity, are less susceptible to stylisation and are quite stiff. For this reason you have to moisturise, nourish and protect it against further damage. Use cosmetics with natural ingredients: Shea butter, aloe extract, jojoba oil, argan oil or milk proteins. Try also cosmetics rich in other proteins or coenzyme Q10. use cosmetics that increase hair volume and will rise hair at roots.

How to emphasise grey hair best features?

Use shampoos dedicated for this hair colour. These products contain blue pigment, which extracts the silver shine. This sort of care will prevent yellowish strands; present in hair residues of natural yellow pigment can change hair colour or its parts. You can also use hair rinse. However, be careful, so that your hair won’t become pink or light violet.

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