What should be done to grow longer eyelashes? Give a try to eyelash conditioners

Long eyelashes are key attribute of femininity. Definitely, the most beautiful are not the false eyelashes but the natural ones. How to take care of our eyelashes? Which cosmetics should we reach for to improve their condition, lengthen them and curve?

It is possible to lengthen and thicken our eyelashes in many ways. Most popular, from the wide range of beautifying treatments performed at beauty salons, are methods called: eyelash volumizing method and eyelash extension 1:1 Method. Are all methods of eyelash lengthening and thickening safe? What are the basics of those cosmetic treatments?

1:1 Method
1:1 eyelash extension method consists in attaching a few false eyelashes to the one natural. False eyelashes are attached with the aid of a particular cosmetic glue, also known as adhesive. A person who wants to undergo this kind of a beauty treatment has to fulfill one crucial condition – this person has to be an owner of the strong and healthy eyelashes. Why? Simply because it is possible that the attached false eyelashes and the adhesive can load natural eyelashes. In other words, short and fragile eyelashes become even more weakened and fragile after attaching additional ballast in a shape of the false eyelashes.

Basically, it is advisable to have the eyelash extension method performed at a beautician’s where the experienced stuff is working. Only in that way, a lot of unpleasant surprises can be avoided and this, in turn, can be, for example – crookedly attached false eyelashes, visible gobs of a glue or irritated eyes and skin. What is more, the treatment lasts up to two hours and costs several dozen pounds. Moreover, you have to add also time and money spent on renewing false eyelash attachment sessions. During those sessions, the beautician completes the eyelashes which have fallen out – and this kind of treatment is to be repeated every few weeks. The beautician separates upper eyelashes from the lower with the collagen pads, and then, she sets apart every single eyelash to make it easier to attach a few false ones to the one natural. The false eyelashes are usually made from synthetic fabrics or minks’ fur.

During the treatment, irritations, lachrymation or redness of eyeballs can be caused, as a consequence of the several-hour lying on the cosmetic bed with the eyes widely-open. Precipitate eyelid or head movements impede the performance of the beauty treatment and the false eyelash attachment. Furthermore, the precipitate movements can lead the adhesive to seep into eyes.

As a consequence, people who are hyperactive should not decide on undergoing this kind of the beauty treatment. Besides, eye and skin disorders, allergy to synthetic materials and animal’s fur are yet another contraindications which need to be taken into the account. After this cosmetic therapy, patients are not allowed to cover their eyelashes with a mascara, rub eyes, use a sauna or a swimming pool, apply henna or use an eyelash curler.

Strip eyelashes and individual eyelashes
1:1 Method is not the only one method of lengthening and thickening eyelashes. We can also extend our eyelashes by having strip eyelashes or individual eyelashes attached. These false lashes can be bought at beauty stores’. Certainly, we can also betake ourselves to a beautician to have this cosmetic therapy performed. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that false strip eyelashes and false individual eyelashes are attached only for one day. In other words, these are disposable. To the procedure of false lash attachment a beautician use the adhesive and the tweezers. Before the strips are applied, the beautician has to paint a black line on the upper eyelid with an eyeliner to mask the attachment place. The strip eyelashes are softly pushed towards the eyelid and after the glue dries up, the false and natural eyelashes are covered with the mascara.

Another methods of eyelash extension – eyelash conditioners
If you realize that the perspective of lying for several hours on the cosmetic bed, having something with your eyes tampered with the usage of unidentified synthetic products seems a little bit overwhelming and frightening, give a chance to eyelash conditioners. Their great advantage is that these have an impact on the natural eyelashes and stimulate their growth in a natural way. How is it possible? Eyelash conditioners are based on only natural ingredients, as well as, plant and flower extracts. What is more, these cosmetics comprise also of vitamins and moisturizing substances. This medley of ingredients results in eyelashes becoming nourished, and the eyelid skin becoming protected from irritations. Moreover, eyelash conditioners influence eyelash growth, volume and thickness. Additionally, thanks to the eyelash conditioners, the colour of eyelashes become darker. Finally, the cosmetic enhances eyelashes’ condition, regenerates and strengthens them.

Basically, the eyelash conditioner beauty treatment lasts several months. This cosmetic therapy consists in applying the cosmetic once a day with the aid of a thin brush. Obviously, the product is to be applied equally, on the upper and the lower eyelid. The application must be performed on the cleansed and dry eyelid skin. The first results are to be seen after a few weeks. The final outcomes are noticeable after several months of the regular and proper application.

Nanolash eyelash conditioner
Nanolash is an eyelash conditioner which enables you to achieve the dream eyelashes. This cosmetic therapy is much more pleasant, shorter and cheaper than the false eyelash attachment process (no matter if these are strip eyelashes, individual eyelashes or 1:1 Method.) Despite the fact that the treatment demands a little bit of patience from a person, the eyelash conditioner influences our eyelashes, and the final effects are natural and long-lasting.

nanolash eyelash serum

How does Nanolash work?
Nanolash lengthens, thicknesses, volumizes and darkens colour of the eyelashes. Additionally, it regenerates and strengthens lashes. These types of desired results are possible to achieve due to the usage of the active substances and plant-origin ingredients. This kind of composition invigorates eyelashes, makes them grow and protects eyelid skin and eyes from any irritations.

How does the application look like?
Nanolash has got a small brush, which enables a consumer to flawlessly paint a thin line, both on the upper and lower eyelid, just at the eyelash line. The application should be performed every evening till the desired outcome is achieved. The effects are visible after two or three weeks of the beauty treatment, and the final results are noticeable after three months. One bottle of Nanolash holds 3 ml of the cosmetic. This amount is sufficient for the six moths of the cosmetic therapy.

14 Comments “What should be done to grow longer eyelashes? Give a try to eyelash conditioners”

  1. Ivy

    I have never had eyelash extensions and never will. Instead, I prefer using eyelash serum and thanks to them there is no need for false lashes.

  2. Alex

    I have eyelash extensions done only once in my life and I had to remove them after a few days because I couldn’t stand them, my eyeuds were heavy, it was very uncomfortable and the worst part was that I had to be really careful no matter what I was doing! I couldn’t even get a good night sleep!;/

  3. Dory123

    I had to take them off the next day because of an allergic reaction to the adhesive. The next morning I couldn’t even open my eyes properly! I’d love to try out this serum because I saw a review once and so many girls said that this serum does not cause allergies

  4. Anette

    My skin is extremely sensitive and nearly half of the eyeliners and mascaras I use, gave me allergies:( I was so surprised when I noticed that nanolsh dis not irritate my skin nor the eye and the effect is incredible! If I apply two or even three coats of mascara, my lashes look like falsies 😀

  5. Tina

    same here but after all, your own lashes are your own lashes 😉

  6. Julia

    If they are only little bit longer nad fuller then it looks nice and natural but it all depends on the stylist’s abilities

  7. Lisa_K

    Beauticians often have no influence on clients who want to have wholesale quantities of very long eyelashes applied and yes, they tend to look very unnatural.

  8. SnowWhite

    Regardless whether it looks natural or not, eyelash extensions are the worst method to get longer lashes! It causes too much damage. not worth it.

  9. Emma

    All the comments about the damage caused by eyelas extensions are exagerrated. I’ve been wearing my eyelash extensions for 3 months now and when I went for toush-up, I haven’t noticed that my lashes were weaker or something. They are very short but I guess it’s an impression because I got used to the look of full length and volume lashes.

  10. Mirabelle

    Eyelash extensions were a disaster: short, brittle, falling out and it wasn’t just an impression because even the beauty technician noticed that they are weak and damaged. At the moment I am using nanolash (two weeks so far) but they already stopped falling out and seem to be stronger. I’ll never get eyelash extensions, I only apply indvidual lashes from time to time if I know there is an important even coming. No more lash extensions!

  11. Katherine E

    eyelash extensions damage lashes the same way as hair extensions and gel/acrylic nails

  12. Emily

    I had a few eyelsh serums already and this one is definitely the best one. I highly recommend it.

  13. Ali_

    It did not work they way I expected it/

  14. Olivia29

    I am reading about this serum teh first time and I really wanna have it! 🙂 a nice, informative article:))


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