Hair and body FIT-style care. Which cosmetics to use for gym?

Working out at the gym is quite a challenge not only for muscles but also for skin. Improper care delivered to reddened and covered with sweat skin can considerably contribute to worsening its condition. On the other hand, body workout can also be used to our advantage in terms of body and hair care, and treated as a first step of conditioning our bodies. Especially after working out many cosmetics can deliver definitely more intensive action to particular body parts. Today we are giving advice on how to take care of skin before and after working out. Also, we are going to point out which cosmetics may help you sooth tired muscles.

how-to-take-care-of-skin-before-and-after-working-out.jpgBefore training face care

It would be best if you wipe your face off to free it from dust, impurities and sebum. Moreover, a foundation might block skin pores and clog the outlets of sebaceous glands that work intensively while you train. This is the most common cause of blackheads and acne. Therefore, before you start exercising, remove make-up and wash your face with a cleansing gel. Oily and acne-prone skin needs to be treated with antiseptic cosmetics that regulate sebum production. Look for face creams featuring one of the following ingredients: silicic acid, zinc, tea tree oil. What’s more, before training, each skin type would like to be treated with a moisturising gel of delicate and non-oily formula. This kind of a cosmetic won’t leave any coats on skin because it doesn’t contain any heavy and thick substances such as paraffin. If you exercise outdoors, don’t forget to apply sunscreens that will shield your skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Additionally, such creams prevent sweaty skin from sunburns, dehydration and irritation.

Before training body care

It’s clear that your body perspires when you exercise, therefore freshen it up by taking a fast shower. It’s better to use cool water because too high temperatures slower blood circulation and make us feel a little bit languorous. Moreover, if you would like to limit the unpleasant aroma of sweat, you can go for so-called sweat blockers that stop sweat from being produced. Also, a good idea is to buy a mineral deodorant that protects skin against perspiration and possible scrapes. What’s interesting, liquid alum can be applied not only to your armpits but also to the other body parts that are responsible for sweat secretion and unpleasant smell. Last but not least, before training, resign from using dense and heavy body balms as well as oils because you will impede free skin breathing (gas exchange process) that happens thrugh skin pores.

Before training hair care

The good news is that you don’t have to wash your hair before training, however, tying it back is a must. No matter the hairstyle you choose, a ponytail, a bun or a braid, just make sure that it’s loose enough so hair bulbs aren’t strained but, at the same, it has to be firmly tied up. Thanks to this, doing exercises will be safe for you. Also, if you want to, you can combine hair care with working out. How to do it? Just apply an oil/a blend of oils, natural condoner, mask or a balm to the hair. Make sure that you don’t apply too much of the cosmetic because it might run down your hair. In general, during exercising scalp warms up and this facilitates penetration of active substances through hair structures. Once the training is over, wash your hair.

After training face care

Warmed up and sweated face needs cleansing. In this situation, a gentle face washing foam or a hypoallergic gel are a perfect choice; they don’t irritate skin. It’s also worth realising that after training skin produces sweat in galore which reaction is unbeneficial for skin and encourages bacteria multiplication. Therefore, wipe your face with a tonic to soothe it and bring relief. However, if you don’t feel like carrying so many care products to the gym, put into your bag a micellar lotion and use it to make your skin clean. Treat your face with a non-overburdening cream that doesn’t clog skin pores.

After training body care

Shower after exercising is a must, there are no doubts about this. Washed skin that is stimulated due to training absorbs all active substances better. Therefore, it’s a good idea to coat skin with a body firming gel or cream delivering similar action. If you struggle with orange peel skin, apply a special preparation to the very skin part affected by cellulite – best if it has a gel-cream formula. Its action will be considerably intensified when applied to warmed up skin which inner layers are stimulated by the physical exercises.

After training hair care

Wash your hair thoroughly. If you apply a conditioner, oil or lotion before training, make sure that you rinsed it off completely. Also, especially during winter and autumn make sure that your hair is dry before leaving the gym. Furthermore, you can apply a delicate lotion or use a nourishing hair mist. Hair ends can be protected by treating them with a drop of natural hair oil.


Cosmetics designed for sportspeople are often multi-purpose. This versatility is highly desired because thanks to it you can save up some space in your already overloaded gym bag. Which cosmetics are worth carrying with you to a gym?

  • Antiperspirant – best if this cosmetic doesn’t only protect armpit skin but also the entire body. Basically, alum (no matter if regular or liquid) does more than just deal with perspiration. It also prevents scrapes and accelerates wound healing processes.
  • Skin firming gel – when used after training, it will soothe skin, especially if you choose its skin cooling version. Thanks to this you will help your muscles relax and avoid muscle sores.
  • 2in1 shampoo and shower gel – a multi-purpose and practical cosmetic. Best if it’s composed mostly (or entirely) of substances of natural origin.
  • Delicate face cream or aloe gel – you can use aloe gel to treat your entire body with it, not only the face. This natural cosmetic won’t only moisturise and smooth tired skin but also will be useful for massaging done after training.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to carry big cosmetic bottles, pour them into smaller travel-size containers. Thanks to this, you will save space in your gym bag and your cosmetic bag will be constantly well-equipped. Surely, you won’t forget to take any necessary cosmetic with you to the gym the next time.

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