How to Care for Dry, Chapped Lips?

Lips are the extremely fragile part of our faces. They are prone to irritation and vulnerable to various outside elements. Extreme dryness and wounds are common due to freezing aura and harsh wind. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep lips enviable, healthy and smooth.

best-home-remedies-for-chapped-lips.jpgWhat makes lips so sensitive?

The sensitivity to various external factors results form their structure. The skin on the lips is very thin, free from hair and sweat glands and there are very few sebaceous glands on their surface. To make things worse, the epidermis on lips can be irritated due to weather conditions, food you eat, products, wrong lip care, diseases or allergies.

Chapped lips – causes

The causes of dry chapped lips include:

  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • body dehydration;
  • hormone imbalance;
  • wind, sunlight, low temperatures;
  • ingredients in lip products e.g. alcohols.

How to cure chapped lips?

1. A lip scrub

You should do it at least once a week. Thanks to the scrub, you remove dead skin cells, make lips smoother and prime them for further steps. A DIY sugar-based scrub makes the best choice. Gently rub it in lips and massage for a few minutes. After the exfoliation, rinse out the sugar leftovers using lukewarm water.

2. Lip repairing masks & treatments

They are rich in moisturising and soothing ingredients such as Aloe vera, avocado, hyaluronic acid, honey. Masks are available in various forms and sheets (just like facial skin masks). You apply them to lips and leave in for several minutes. After taking the mask off, you can rub the rest of the nourishing product in skin. Your lips are smooth, moisturised and silk-like now!

3. Lip massage

The massage gives similar benefits but it additionally increases blood flow, making lips look bigger. Use a soft toothbrush and a favorite moisturiser or a sugar scrub. Just one thing to be remembered – you mustn’t perform the massage on cracked skin or if you have a cold sore.

How to prevent chapped lips?

In order to keep your lips from chapping, follow these steps:

  • regularly apply a lip balm or a protective lipstick;
  • eat a diet abounding in vitamins A, B, E;
  • drink around a liter of still water a day;
  • drink herbal teas and green tea.

On the other hand, avoid biting your lips, licking them (especially in heated rooms or outside in the cold), smoking cigarettes and picking dry skin on the lips.

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