How to Detangle Tangles? A Bit About Hair Knots

Everybody knows the song of John Edmund Andrew Phillips, where he sings “If you’re going to San Francisco, Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” But what if our hair got tangled so it would be hard for us to take off the flowers in the evening? Definitely, none of us would like to be in this situation. Even if our tangled hair were decorated with red roses, polianthes or daisies. Therefore, if you want to say goodbye to hair knots once and for all, keep reading the article. You’ll learn how to detangle tangles.

hair.jpgWhy Does Hair Get Tangled?

In most cases dry, rough, damaged and easily influenced by static hair is the one which features tangles frequently. It’s caused by the risen hair cuticles that catch hair on hair and make it rub one another. As a consequence, strands form knots, especially when we hide them under a scarf or a hat. Moreover, if you don’t take proper care of hair, then you can expect tangles to appear soon. Improper combing or the use of inappropriate gadgets (rubber bands with metal elements or combs of low quality) also contribute to tangles formation.

How to Take Care of Hair so as to Avoid Tangling?

The most important stage of taking care of prone to tangles hair is supplying it with the substances the strands need. For that reason, remember to systematically deliver moisture to the hair and smooth of the strands. In this case, you can reach for hair masks and conditioners of oiling action. It’s also recommended to apply oil hair treatment and trim hair ends regularly. It’s also crucial to comb hair precisely before every washing. What’s worth pointing out, a comb has to be made of wood and its teeth have to be widely arranged. In the light of this, you can make a good use of Tangle Teezers, brushes by Olivia Garden or natural hog bristle brushes. Avoid using shampoos containing SLS, detergents and other dehydrating substances. Remove water from wet hair by drying it up a little bit using a towel or a cotton t-shirt, and leave till air-dried. During rainy or windy weather, tie your strands.

How to Untie the Hair Knots?

Before you detangle the hair, try to run your fingers through the strands first. If you use a comb or a brush, you can break or even damage the hair if the knot is tight. However, if this method doesn’t produce the desired result, use a wide-tooth comb and delicately loose the tangle. In order to make this task super easy, pour a little bit of an oil onto the comb. Also, you can use a hair serum or a conditioner containing emollients. Obviously, use just a small amount of the cosmetic. After all, you wouldn’t like to wash your hair again.

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