How to keep nails healthy and lovely?

Smooth, healthy nails surely add to attractiveness. Sadly, our hands are often exposed to different types of external factors that cause nails to break. How to take care of them properly? See a few ways that will help you keep your nails lovely and healthy.

Why do nails break?

Nails don’t break by accident. The nail breakage is usually caused by the genes or wrong diet lacking zinc and iron. There are also other triggers such as:

  • acetone-based nail polish removers
  • sudden changes of temperature
  • dry air
  • wrong technique of nail filing
  • over-soaking the nails.

You must remember to put on protective gloves before cleaning because different detergents may have a negative effect on the nails.

2 ways to enjoy healthy nails

If you want to have beautiful, healthy nails, you must focus on two essential things:

  • Diet – this is the most important thing to remedy the nails. Enrich your meals with foods high in vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B9 and E. Don’t forget about calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and flaxseeds. When it comes to drinks, try to drink water and horsetail which effectively strengthens the nails. You can also supplement horsetail but make sure you don’t overuse it because its excess may remove vitamin B1 from your body. Of course fruit, incl. bananas, oranges and grapefruit, should be included in your diet as well.
  • Moisturizing – this is another important thing that guarantees healthy nails. Apply a hand lotion as often as possible to nourish the nails. Oils are ideal for moisturizing the nails and you can choose between argan oil, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

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