Individual eyelashes, cluster eyelashes, strip eyelashes or natural methods for longer eyelashes?

Beauty requires money and sacrifices? Absolutely not! The cosmetic industry is abounding in products and services used in eyelash care. We can either go for cheaper and more effective methods e.g. eyelash serums or invest more money in individual eyelashes which deliver instant dramatic effect.

Individual eyelashes, cluster eyelashes, strip eyelashes or natural methods for longer eyelashesIndividual eyelashes or cluster eyelashes belong to one category. There are also methods which make your natural eyelashes fuller and longer. Both ways trigger heated discussions and arguments over which method is the best one. Unfortunately, these arguments stay unsettled because we all have different expectations. All methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, there are the ones that have far more pluses than minuses.

Learn about false eyelashes, their pluses and minuses.

Individual eyelashes

Semi permanent eyelashes are said to give the best effects. We desire to have eyelashes that are impressive but at the same time look like your natural lashes. This is the effect that individual false eyelashes give. They have some pluses – we can see the effect after the very first treatment and it is really impressive but not exaggerated. Sadly, there are also lots of drawbacks of individual false eyelashes:

  • eyelash extension lasts more or less 1-2 hours;
  • you cannot apply them yourself at home;
  • semi permanent eyelashes are expensive;
  • false eyelashes may cause irritation and allergic reaction;
  • your natural eyelashes may get weaker because of the weight of false eyelashes;
  • if you don’t have them refilled, the effect vanishes after 2-4 weeks.

Cluster eyelashes

Another type of false eyelashes are cluster eyelashes. They are put on in almost the same way. Depending on the number of lashes in a cluster, the methods are called 2D, 5D and even 8D. These methods bring more spectacular effects than individual eyelashes but it is not a plus if we look at it from a different perspective. Cluster eyelashes are loved by many women but they have some downsides. We shouldn’t go for this method because:

  • this is the most time-consuming method;
  • much more expensive than a costly mascara;
  • cluster eyelashes are heavy and may strongly overburden your eyelashes;
  • material of cluster eyelashes can lead to allergic reactions;
  • the effect vanishes after 2-4 weeks without fill-ins;
  • it is very hard to find an experienced eyelash stylist;
  • the effects aren’t at all natural.

Strip eyelashes

The third way of getting instantly long eyelashes is putting on strip eyelashes. The important thing is that you don’t need to go to a beautician as strip eyelashes are available even at drug stores. We can put on strip eyelashes ourselves so the problem of costly treatments disappears. However, cluster eyelashes are better because they are easier to camouflage. On the other hand, strip eyelashes are quite cheap and come in wide variety of patterns, colours and shapes, which is a plus. Unfortunately, strip eyelashes have lots of disadvantages:

  • effects are very unnatural and exaggerated,
  • it is not so easy to hide the strip,
  • strip falsies may come off during the day,
  • temporary solution,
  • may cost a lot, depending on the material,
  • application can be troublesome at first.

You can make your natural eyelashes beautiful by using serums. Check it!

Natural eyelashes

Long eyelashes and eyebrows - only with NanolashWe are spoilt for choice: individual eyelashes, strip eyelashes, cluster eyelashes. Various lengths, density and curls. Nevertheless, none of them will bring as natural effects as conditioning your own eyelashes. Only then can we expect the effects worth every price. No need to go to an aesthetician, for long hours of treatment, pay lots of money for eyelash extensions and very artificial look. You can avoid it if you go for natural eyelash care and taking care of hairs that nature has presented us with. How to do it?

The best method for naturally beautiful eyelashes and eyes are not individual eyelashes or cluster eyelashes. All you need is a good quality eyelash serum e.g. Nanolash, and only two weeks to enjoy long and beautiful eyelashes. The cosmetic is based on natural plant extracts and strengthens eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Well-thought-out application – spreading the product along lash line with a thin brush – allows the product to penetrate inside the hair follicles. Consequently, hair bulbs are better anchored, eyelashes become stronger, darker, shinier, more elastic and noticeably longer. It is thanks to 3 ml of concentrated serum. You do the treatment in the privacy of your home. This method definitely has most assets. Natural long eyelashes thanks to a serum is an excellent method because:

  • you can make eyelashes stronger and longer by yourself
  • the effects are natural,
  • no need to go to beauty salons,
  • much cheaper than e.g. individual eyelashes,
  • brings effects after 2-3 weeks,
  • long-lasting effect (even up to six months or longer),
  • the safest and natural method for making your eyelashes longer.

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