Japanese manicure – a step-by-step guide

Many women experience the problem of splitting and brittle nails. The Japanese women found a cure already four hundred years ago. What is Japanese manicure and how to do it? What are the effects of the treatment? Is it better to do it at home or in a salon?

manicure.jpgWhat is Japanese manicure?

Japanese manicure has been used by Japanese women for four hundred years. It makes the nails nourished and also extremely shiny. The method was developed by the Japanese company P.Shine, hence the second name of Japanese Manicure (‘manicure p. shine’).

Japanese manicure is about rubbing a special paste with vitamins and minerals into a natural nail plate and applying a layer of powder on it. The paste has a characteristic green colour and contains substances that nourish and strengthen the nails giving them a unique pink pearl shine. It is thanks to vitamins A and E, silica from the Sea of Japan, bee pollen and keratin.

Before we apply the paste, we should polish the top layer of each nail. This way, the paste will get into the deep layer of the nail plate. To keep it there, massage a small amount of the special powder into your nails.

The whole secret lies in the appropriate rubbing of the paste and powder: in the same direction and with the use of deer skin buffers; green is used to rub the paste, and pink to rub the powder. During the treatment, no metal nail files are used and the cuticles are not cut.

Japanese manicure – step by step

To apply a Japanese manicure at home, you will need:

  • double-sided file used to shorten and polish the nails before the treatment;
  • plastic spatula used for applying P.Shine paste and powder as well as for removing the cuticles;
  • the paste should be rubbed into the nail plate with the use of the green buffer with the energetic movements;
  • the powder should be applied with the use of the pink buffer with energetic movements. Thank to this, the substances in the paste can freely penetrate into the nail plate.

The treatment takes about 40 minutes and should be repeated every 3 weeks.

Japanese manicure – effects

Japanese manicure is a method that nourishes and strengthens natural nails and gives them a healthy pink pearl shine. This is due to the ingredients contained in the natural paste: vitamin A and E, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of Japan. Japanese manicure is especially recommended for fragile, brittle and splitting nails.

The effect of the treatment is visible immediately after the procedure. In order for it to last, it should be repeated 3-4 times within an interval of 3 weeks.

Japanese manicure – at-home or in-salon?

Japanese manicure is a very popular treatment in beauty salons. However, you might as well buy a set to do it yourself. Just make sure you choose a good quality and original product. The use of plastic buffers, instead of natural, can lead to no results.

Japanese manicure and hybrid manicure

Soon after doing the Japanese manicure you should not make a hybrid manicure. It is because the nail plate is then too oily. It’s best to wait approximately two days.

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