Natural Face Cream: What should it contain?

Naturalness is trendy, meaning that nowadays not only do we want to look natural but also we prefer treating our bodies with natural beauty products. From this article you will learn how to pick the most suitable face cream for your skin so that you can enjoy all the benefits of cosmetics that are formulated with natural substances. A cosmetic that moisturizes skin deeply and helps you look gorgeous.

Daily skin routine wouldn’t be effective if it wasn’t for your allies like for example a face cream. Indeed, a good face cream is the absolute basics which – just like the firm foundation – moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenation is established on.

What should a good face cream be like? Naturally, it should be… natural!

Natural skin care

If you want to take good care of the skin, try introducing some natural beauty products into your daily beauty regimen. Always check whether the product you want to buy is free from artificial additives because only in this way will you act on the skin respecting its natural cycle of life.

It’s also worth realizing that there is more to natural skin treatments than application of all-natural beauty products – you must also take care of skin in a natural way. For example, instead of exposing the skin to costly in-salon treatments that speed up cell turnout, you’d better adjust your beauty regimen to the rhythm of your skin’s natural cycle. To clarify, make sure that your skin is supplied with nutrients and moisture, that you remove dead skin cells regularly and provide adequate protection. Once you start doing so, you will notice that the complexion is way healthier and prettier.

Natural face cream? What is it?

If you’re looking for a skin care product that will take good and tender care of your skin, choose a face cream formulated with natural ingredients. It goes without saying that the constituents are the ones to determine the effectiveness of a particular product.

The best choice is an all-natural moisturizing cream because deep hydration is the core of effective skin care, no matter its type. Therefore, the next time you shop for skin care products, check whether a particular cream is formulated at least from 95% of natural-origin ingredients such as vegetable oils, plant extracts and vitamins. It isn’t impossible though to find a 100% natural product – this is an organic face cream that is equally effective as the natural creams, yet its shelf life is relatively shorter. These five or less percent make a place for light preservatives that are responsible for keeping a face cream from losing its properties within a couple of days.

Natural constituents in a face cream

What ingredients should you look for in this 95% that the skin care product is made from? What natural ingredients in face creams are worth your attention? Below you will find a few all-natural substances that are responsible for making the skin care product moisturize deeper, nourish effectively and delay ageing.

  1. SHEA BUTTER – natural vegetable oil that is known for its health benefits; not only does it protect the skin from losing precious water and envelops it with a thin protective coat but also it soothes irritations, smooths out and accelerates wound healing.
  2. ALMOND OIL – a little more lightweight vegetable oil that works well in terms of taking care of and conditioning sensitive, demanding and problematic skin types; it maintains high hydration levels in skin, delivers sun protection, rejuvenates the skin, makes it more supple and smooth.
  3. ALOE – the juice extracted from aloe leaves is both an entirely natural moisturizer as well as irritation-relieving substance; aloe face creams are lightweight, penetrate skin fast and leave skin pleasantly soft.
  4. PANTHENOL – also known as d-panthenol or provitamin B5; is responsible for facilitating faster cell renewal, wound healing as well as lasting hydration and skin repair.
  5. PLANT EXTRACTS – it would be hard to list all plant extracts commonly used in skin care products; if a face cream is enriched with any plant extract, this means that it will take good care of the skin; it must be realized that each plant extract has a different effect on skin therefore you should chose those that satisfy your needs best.

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