New method to curl hair: Plopping

Plopping is new hair curl method. It is recommended to these girls who have tumbling curls or lots of tight coils. Thanks to plopping your hair will attract attention of everyone around you and your new look will certainly delight them.

plopping.jpgWhat do you need to give plopping a go?

Prepare good cosmetic for stylisation and soft towel or a cotton t-shirt. Before you try this new coil enhancing method, wash your hair. Excess water gather with paper towel. Then apply stylisation cosmetic. Perfect will be cosmetic or vegetable oils. These products will not only tame unruly hair, but also deliver plenty nourishing substances. Do not forget that cosmetic needs to be applied also on hair ends.

Plopping – how to do it?

Place t-shirt on a flat surface (e.g. a table or a bed). Place it so that its sleeves were close to you. Then put your head on the t-shirt in such way so that all strands were between the head and the t-shirt. In other words, strands must be placed under your head. The t-shirt’s “body” put on the head and neck. All of the hair must be under the fabric, while t-shirt’s sleeves should be still placed on a table or a bed. Then wrap the sleeves and tie behind the head. Leave the t-shirt for two or three hours. After this time dry hair with hair dryer with diffuser or leave them to dry.

What are effects of plopping?

Plopping extracts natural coil, enhances original shape of strands – curls and provides beautiful appearance. After you dry hair, it is more curly and full-bodied. This technique ensures much better effects than squishing and ruffling hair with curling pins. Besides, if using high quality cosmetics for stylisation, the results can be even better. If you decide on oils, remember to choose them accordingly to your hair porosity. Do you want to use mousse or other thick cosmetic? Choose the one free of alcohol and fragrances.

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