Recipe for a homemade self-tanner

When the spring comes, dawn jackets and long pants should be replaced with shorts and t-shirts. Skimpy clothing requires us to reveal those parts of the body that have been hidden from the sun for several cold months. For those who do not have the courage to show off the pale body, we have recipes for a DIY homemade self-tanner. Thanks to them, a visit to the tanning studio and purchase of a self-tanner will be unnecessary.

beauty.jpgHomemade self-tanner and a bronzer bought in the store

Although both self-tanning products are effective, the one bought in the store always comes with an unpleasant odour. When we sniff it in the package, it can smell good, but after applying it to the skin, the self-tanner takes on a specific, chemical fragrance. Self-tanners made at home smell like the products you used which are nice and natural. Their disadvantage is that they do not stay on the skin for too long.

Recipes for homemade self-tanner with cocoa, shea butter, coconut oil and nutmeg


  • 1 cocoa spoon,
  • 2 tablespoons of shea butter,
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil,
  • half a teaspoon of nutmeg.


First of all, dissolve coconut oil and shea butter in water. When the mixture has cooled, add cocoa and nutmeg. Place the whole product in the refrigerator for several minutes, let the top of the mass cool. Then mix the preparation until the butter becomes light brown. Bronzing butter based on cocoa gives the skin a delicate tan effect. Such a homemade self-tanner is natural and effective because it does not cause streaks and discolourations. To enjoy the tan longer, we have to use it every day.

Recipes for homemade self-tanner with tea


  • tea brew,
  • cosmetic pad.


Brew tea for about 10 minutes in half a glass of boiling water. Then, take a cotton swab and soak it in the essence. Next, rub the facial skin with the infusion every two days. You can freeze the product; a facial massage with frozen cubes of brew will stimulate circulation and firm the skin.

Recipes for home self-tanning with cocoa and body lotion


  • cocoa,
  • body lotion.


Mix the cocoa with the body balm and create a light brown mass. Then rub the skin into the skin in gentle, circular motions.

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