Reliable methods for greasy hair

When hair get greasy easily that means sebaceous glands are not working properly. The extensive amount of sebum is not indicated because scalp and hair become greasy, and as a result, these become flat and compose badly. The reasons of the improper sebaceous glands work are: stress, unhealthy diet, frequent hair dying and overheating of scalp.

seductive-makeupHow to wash greasy hair? Firstly, it is advisable to choose the shampoo dedicated to this very type of hair. It is to be used in small amounts, especially diluted into water. Secondly, while washing your head, perform gentle head massage. Thanks to this, you are going to remove dead skin cells and boost blood circulation of your head. Thirdly, hair needs to be thoroughly rinsed. To do it, you can use water with the herbal addition. Fourthly, a conditioner destined for greasy hair should be applied only on the hair, never on scalp itself.

How to dry greasy hair? Drain the excess of water with a towel, preferable with the paper one. The hair dryer should be placed within 20 cm distance from the head. At the end of drying, blow the hair with the cool air.

How to stylize greasy hair? Brushes and combs made from natural materials are the best accessories for combing greasy hair. To stylize your hair do not use products which can load your hair or which increase the secretion of serum. Do not use a hair straightener and a hair curler.

How to make a lemon additive to a mask? Mix 50 ml of boiled water with juice squeezed out of a half of a lemon. Apply the mask on your scalp. This type of homemade cosmetic reduces the secretion of serum, pushes hair slightly up and make them brighter. Side effects include drying out and irritations.

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