Repair Me! Kevin Murphy’s hair products

Dehydrated, damaged, weak and falling out? If this is what your hair is like, it is high time to fix it. New cosmetic range by Kevin Murphy – Repair-Me – comes to rescue. These two excellent products will surely help your hairdo.


It offers repairing, rebuilding and protective properties. Moreover, Kevin Murphy’s shampoo prevents hair from tangling. Repair-Me.Wash facilitates combing, smooths and makes hair manageable. The shampoo shields strands from damage as well as brings shine and improves looks. The product includes shea butter, aloe extract, acai berries and green pea proteins. The first ingredient moisturises and protects; the second one soothes irritations; the two last ones work as antioxidants.


The cosmetic regenerates, moisturises and smooths. It makes combing easier, prevents tangles, nourishes and prevents further damage. Kevin Murphy’s conditioner contains papaya extract, amino acids, bamboo leaf extract and green pea proteins. The first component slows down ageing processes, the second one – strengthens and stops hair loss whereas the last two substances nourish and beautify your hairdo.

How to use new Repair-Me products?

Thoroughly wash hair with the shampoo; leave-in the foam for two minutes. Then, rinse out, gently towel-dry and apply the conditioner – also to the scalp. Massage for a while and rinse out. Repeat twice. Next, blow-dry and style as usual. Kevin Murphy’s Repair-Me products can be used by those who have sensitive scalp. They are free from parabens and sulfates as well as cruelty-free.

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