Rose oil – discover its properties

The madness for oils seems to be neverending. They are popular among hairstylists, makeup artists and girls who are crazy about skin care according to Asian trends. One of the oils eagerly used by girls is rose oil. What are its properties and how should it be used?

beauty.jpgHow is rose oil obtained?

The oil is obtained mainly from the damask rose. For its production, petals collected at dawn (if collected later, they could lose their aroma) are used. From one hectare, up to 5,000 kilograms of rose petals are obtained annually, and from them, only a kilogram of pure oil is produced.

Rose oil – properties

Rose oil has primarily aromatherapeutic effects. It improves mood, relaxes, relieves stress, reduces nervous tension and makes it easier to fall asleep. Rose oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It soothes the irritated complexion, adds radiance and healthy colour to grey and dull skin. What’s more, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces redness. How does rose oil affect the skin? It contains vitamins E and C, which counteract the ageing of the skin, soften dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, helps overcome discolouration. Rose oil nourishes, moisturizes and firms the face, and removes the effects of fatigue.

Rose oil – use 

Rose oil has a very wide variety of applications:

  1. Baths. Rose oil added to warm water provides relaxing and regenerating properties. If you have problems with pressure or broken capillaries, you should give up such baths.
  2. Massage. Rose oil is ideal for face and body massage. Spread just a few drops over the face in circular movements. After a while, the cosmetic will be absorbed, leaving the face refreshed and relaxed. Such massage should be carried out every evening, after careful makeup removal.
  3. Aromatherapy. Pur a bit of rose oil into an oil burner. Place a small candle underneath to release the fragrance. Rose aroma will spread throughout the house, creating a magical atmosphere and providing healing properties.
  4. Facial cleansing. Rose oil is great for OCM – oil face cleansing method. It will thoroughly remove sebum, makeup and impurities. In addition to cleansing, rose oil will also provide nourishment, radiance and hydration.

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