Sauna for hair. What exactly is it?

What harms your hair? Sun radiation, frost, frequent colour-treating, some treatments at the salon, high temperature, environmental pollution, etc. And how should proper hair and scalp care look like? Try out sauna, hair SPA for your hair. 

beauty.jpgSauna for hair – what is this treatment like?

It is a procedure where your hair and scalp is treated with temperature lower than  40°C. The machine producing such heat resembles a large, round dryer. Before conducting hair SPA you must remember to wash your strands twice with a shampoo; next, apply a special conditioner. If you have long or medium length hair, the hairdresser will pin it to make sure all hair undergoes the treatment. For about 20 minutes, the machine produces hot steam. After this period of time, you must wash your hair, firstly with lukewarm and then with cool water to seal the scales. Now comes the time for blow-drying and styling

What are the effects of hair sauna?

The effects of the conditioner are enhanced with sauna and the hot air. Thanks to this procedure, your wisps become resilient, smooth, shiny and easier to style. Additionally, combing and drying is much easier and quicker. Both high temperature and humidity raise scales which allows nutrients contained in the conditioner to penetrate to the deeper parts of hair. Rinsing with lukewarm and cool water helps to seal the scales and in consequence, lock the substances inside strands. It is best to repeat the treatment once a week to obtain the best results.

What components should the conditioner contain? 

The special conditioner that the hairdresser uses for hair SPA treatment comprise keratin and D-panthenol Keratin is a natural building block of hair, nails and skin. If your strands are damaged, it is highly recommended to replenish its level by sing conditioners and other beautifying and nurturing products. D-panthenol smooths and moisturises wisps. Additionally, it enhances the natura colour of your hair, protects against sun radiation and stimulates hair growth.

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