Scalp Scrub – How to Make it & What Effects to Expect?

I’m sure that a scrub makes you think of a body or face scrub and removing dead cells from these skin areas. Believe it or not, you must exfoliate the skin on your head too. Check how to prepare it and what effects you can look out for.

Why a scalp scrub makes a good choice?

The skin on your head and body looks the same. It repairs itself more or less once a month. You must help it a little bit by using a scrub once in two or three weeks. The scalp has pores through which sebum is secreted. Besides that, there are impurities, broken hair, dandruff and product buildup on the skin. If you don’t keep your scalp clean, dangerous bacteria triggering diseases may proliferate.

That is why, unblocking the pores and purifying scalp may save you from diseases, oiliness and poor condition of hair. What’s more, regular exfoliation enhances hair bulbs and makes new hair grow fast. While doing a scrub, you increase blood flow to scalp, which translates into more nutrients and oxygen for hair and scalp.

How to buy an effective scalp scrub?

Choose the right product for your skin and hair type. If your skin is sensitive and dry, avoid alcohol-based products. The ingredient is likely to leave your scalp dehydrated and extremely dry. Pick an exfoliator containing moisturising substances or enzyme scrub. Remember to rinse the product well off scalp and hair.

DIY scalp scrub

Why don’t you make a scalp scrub yourself? Mix an abrasive agent (sugar, salt, coffee grounds) with a shampoo or a natural ingredient (honey, lemon juice or herbal infusion). Next, rub the mixture well in scalp, massage for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Ideally, use sugar which will melt quickly in contact with warm water.

Products to use after scalp scrub

If you chose a homemade scrub and shampoo for scalp care, no more products are necessary, just rinse them well. Remember that using natural homemade products wrongly may leave you with scalp irritation. If you decide on a ready-made scrub, use a conditioner or mask afterwards, applying it from the mid-lengths to the ends. You may as well try a soothing hair rinse.

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