This Rebellious Oily Face Skin. The Best Make-Up and Beauty Tricks

Permanently oily skin may carry the perspective of prettier face in mature age and delayed wrinkle appearance, however, living and coping with it on daily basis isn’t pleasant at all. Sebum is fast to ruin the entire make-up, face shines and becomes blemishing after just a few minutes after leaving home. Often, enlarged skin pores and blackheads are also characteristic features of oily skin type. How to tame oily skin? Surely, this isn’t an easy task but by reading this article you will learn simple life hacks and original tricks for perfectly looking (no longer) oily face.

oily-skin-care.jpgOily Skin – Beauty Tricks

Oily skin care is the key to keeping sebum production at the right level and restraining unhealthy face shine. In this case, regularity is what matters most. Systematic cleansing, moisturisation and making skin matte is essential. Also, we need to do our best to maintain the hydro-lipid barrier of skin in a good condition. Although the improvement won’t be seen fast, you will definitely notice the looked-for effects sooner or later. What’s the most important in taking care of oily skin?

1. Cleansing

This is the very core of each type of care, however, when it comes to oily skin cleansing, the products used for washing face and removing make-up should match your skin. Therefore, you must refrain from applying cleansers containing substances such as SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and dehydrating short-chain alcohols (e.g. alcohol denat). These are the substances which aim is to remove sebum form skin and their action is really strong – together with the sebum and impurities, the above-mentioned substances also remove the natural lipid barrier that is our natural skin shield. In order to restore this disturbed hydro-lipid balance, skin starts producing excessive amount of sebum. As it’s easy to realize, this practice leads to a kind of paradox: the more we try to reduce sebum production, the more it is actually secreted by our skin. Vicious circle is formed, and skin becomes even more oily.

Moreover, oily skin care should be based on delicate preparations which contain natural substances and have plain composition. For that reason, products containing plant extracts that display skin normalizing properties are found useful. You can go for e.g. willow bark extract, salicylic acid or Chinese magnolia-vine extract.

This rule doesn’t only apply to face cleansing gels but also to every possible type of micellar lotions, toners and face scrubs. The more vegetable care, the better for oily skin. It’s also worth realising that regular application of face scrubs is crucial. In the case of oily skin type, face scrub can be applied even every other day.

2. Moisturisation

It’s mistakenly believed that oily skin doesn’t need moisturisation. The truth is, if not being replenished with water, skin loses its firmness and ages faster. What’s more, hydro-lipid balance is the key to helping all the processes taking place in various skin levels unfold properly. Moreover, oily skin doesn’t need to be treated with heavy moisturising creams, therefore you can go for light products of semi-liquid or gel consistency to condition your complexion.

In order to hydrate oily skin well, you can use hyaluronic gel or light emulsions which composition is based on herbal extracts. Another good solution is application of moisturising and nourishing face serum which you can put on before using your daily mattifying face cream.

3. Balance

Preserving the balance in oily face skin care stands for doing two things: cleanse and mattify skin as well as maintain sebum production so as to prevent it from influencing skin condition negatively. To do it the right way, you can use natural face oils. It turns out that many of them contain a highly valuable in terms of skin care substance – squalene.

Natural oils which feature this precious ingredient of sebum are mostly: jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, raspberry seed oil, avocado oil. The best way to apply an oil is by using it at bedtime. Of course, face must be clean so as to get rid of any impurities that can impede the oil’s action. In short, a natural face oil is a good alternative to face serum and can be used as a day cream primer.


1. The Right Application of Foundation

In order to help oily skin “work” the right way throughout a day (which means that we don’t clog its pores by applying too much of a foundation) you should go for a light, mat and cover foundation, or reach for BB or CC cream which action is similar. Remember to apply it in minimum.

A fairly useful tool for applying foundation is a sponge, Beauty Blender, which will enable you to do a flawless make-up without wasting the colour cosmetic. Basically, after using Beauty Blender, you will notice your make-up being more durable. Owing to stamping the foundation instead of smearing it with your fingers, it helps the product adopt to the skin way better.

2. The Right Application of Loose Powder

Powder, which is used to fix the entire make-up, is really crucial. Oily skin type likes especially loose mineral powders as well as transparent, white powders (rice or bamboo). Apart from delivering matte finish, such loose powders take care of skin and their powdery formula makes it easier for the product to adopt to skin. It seems to be more durable because it delivers velvety finish and matte effect that last longer. The factor that extends the lifespan of loose powder is the way used to apply it. Therefore, to help loose powder blend with skin better, it should be applied using a big and hairy brush such as kabuki brush. Mind you, you shouldn’t use stroke motion to apply the loose powder but delicately stamp the face instead, just as you do this with Beauty Blender.

3. Blotting Paper

This is a truly revolutionary gadget which you can always carry in your purse. In short, blotting paper (sheets) are small pieces of paper which has to be pressed to face so as to make them absorb the excess of sebum without spoiling make-up. Blotting paper is good at removing oil and helping make-up look as if it was just applied. Every blotting paper is designed for single use only.

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