What Are the Lash Growth Serum Benefits? Is It Worth Using?

Answer a question: do you care for your good looks? When was the last time you did something to nourish and moisturise your eyelashes? I thought so! They enhance the beauty of our face but we tend to forget about the right lash care.

What is an eyelash? A simple question which causes lots of trouble. A lash is simply hair. It has the same structure yet it’s slightly smaller, stiffer and shorter. There are small differences between eyelashes and hairdos. A smaller size results from a shorter lash life cycle (several years for hair, several weeks for lashes). In other cases, both types of hair are the same, have the same structure and needs.

Although lashes are not the same as hairs growing all over the body, they need to be cared for, too. They may break, fall out in excess and go gray. With time passing, the repairing potential drops and – consequently – bulbs are weaker (both in hair and lashes). Other factors may worsen the eyelash condition, including waterproof products, false lashes, stress or… a curler!

Do you need an eyelash serum? YES!

  • It provides lashes with the hydration.
  • It delivers essential nutrients.
  • It reinforces the base of lashes – bulbs.
  • It speeds up the natural growth cycle and makes lashes longer.
  • It protects lashes from harmful factors.
  • It delays lash ageing and graying.
  • It stimulates asleep bulbs, boosting the growth of new lashes.
  • It gives an eyelash curl, defines the shape and darkens.
  • It hinders the lash loss.
  • It intensifies the effect of a mascara coating.

A lash growth serum, which has good ingredients and a light formula, is fast-absorbing and – consequently – it works deeply and intensively. It delivers a full lash care and support. Using it every day before sleep is enough. The application is a piece of cake.

How to use a lash growth serum the right way?

Step 1. Removing makeup and drying the eyelids.

Step 2. Applying a serum to the upper lash base.

Step 3. Applying a serum to the lower lash base.

Step 4. Letting the serum be absorbed.

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