Where do dark under-eye circles come from?

Where do dark under-eye circles come from? As a matter of fact, there are several reasons. Some of them appear due to fatigue, sleep deficit, progressive ageing processes, lack of minerals and elements, serious illness and genetics. Regardless of the reason for their formation, there are universal ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes once and for all.

beauty.jpgMethods to remove dark under-eye circles


Dark circles under the eyes can be a consequence of alcohol and tobacco abuse, partying which equals lack of sleep and excessive exposure to the sun. Now that you know where the dark under-eye circles come from, ask yourself whether these factors apply to you. If so, simply limit their occurrence or completely eliminate them. Add healthy eating and success is guaranteed.


The skin is aging after the age of 25, so it is better to prevent the aging process than to (vainly) cure it. Under-eye cosmetics have two basic functions: they strengthen the skin and correct imperfections. A good eye cream should contain:

  • antioxidants,
  • ingredients with anti-swelling effect,
  • strengthening blood vessels and improving microcirculation,
  • brightening,
  • strengthening and stimulating cell renewal.

Among the wide range of antioxidants, vitamin C deserves special attention, which illuminates and strengthens blood vessels. Recommended substances with anti-swelling effects include: arnica extract, tea leaves and rascal. The most popular ingredients that strengthen the blood vessels and improve microcirculation are, for example, plantain extract, caffeine and vitamin C. The same vitamin C and licorice root extract and white mulberry are in turn effective substances with brightening effects. However, the desired components that strengthen and stimulate cell renewal are peptides, caviar extract and retinol.


A healthy lifestyle and proper care are the most effective ways for removing dark circles under the eyes. However, it is worth using tricks that will support their action. Therefore, just after waking up, spray your face with cold water. These few drops will speed up the blood circulation and reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, it is worth using hydrogel patches with collagen, which will improve microcirculation. Brightening concealers for the eye area are another good way to get rid of dark under-eye circles.

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