Where Do Tooth Discolorations Come from?

Many people are bothered by tooth discoloration – its intensity depends on the cause that triggers it. Still, regardless of the source, you can do away with the problem. Eliminate the causes and enjoy a gorgeous healthy Hollywood smile!

1. Smoking cigarettes

Many people say it is the primary cause of discolored teeth. The spots are usually brown and black and their intensity and size depend on the type of cigarettes you smoke and the oral hygiene routine you follow (or don’t follow). You can remove mild discolorations by yourself, using a proper toothpaste. However, stronger and larger spots need specialistic devices and stomatologic treatment.

2. Discoloration-triggering diet

Colorants in food trigger tooth discoloration too. Light brown spots reveal you drink lots of tea and coffee. The discoloration on teeth can be also left by fruit and vegetables or meals and drinks you make using them (wines, juices, spices). Most of the blemishes can be removed thanks to air abrasion. The appearance of the spots is also connected with your daily dental routine.

3. White spots on teeth

Such imperfections result from fluorosis, that is taking too much fluoride. However, it is quite rare because using a fluoride toothpaste every day doesn’t equal the appearance of such spots. If white spots are visible on the buccal surface of foretooth in children, they are the consequence of a disease suffered in early childhood. Also, such discolorations mean wrong dental hygiene and demineralization.

4. Dark tooth discoloration

Grayish shade is visible on dead teeth. Endodontic treatment gradually darkens the tooth color. What’s more, dark discoloration can be caused by taking tetracyclines or products with iron, and be connected with chronic diseases.

Did you know that smokers must be careful while using whitening toothpastes? It is because of being exposed to the occurence of tooth hypersensitivity or damage of tooth enamel.

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