Cotton, satin or silk? Let us guide you which pillowcase is the best for your hair!

Have you ever wondered whether the bedclothes you sleep in have an influence on the appearance of your hair? Let us get straight to the answer – yes they do. Laying your head on a right pillowcase, you can skip arranging hairdos and sleep with loose hair without exposing it to mechanical damage.

As you know, hair stays in direct contact with a pillowcase for the entire night, which makes at least a few hours a day. Why wouldn’t you be so generous and provide your strands with protection as you sleep? Let us give you a few pieces of advice on which fabric to choose for healthy hair.

Cotton pillowcase

This is definitely the most popular option. However, for the sake of your hair, you better say goodbye to cotton pillowcases, and swap it either for a satin or silk one. Why do we advise you to do so? The roughness of a cotton pillowcase exposes the hair to constant friction which consequently leads to damage and breaking. More worryingly, cotton absorbs moisture, which is often taken from your strands, and damp fabrics make a perfect environment for bacteria. So, would you change your cotton pillowcase now?

Satin pillowcase

Firstly, satin pillowcases prevent you from messy bedhead. Satin is a sleek fabric which is why it leaves your hair smooth and shiny. Secondly, satin has a positive effect not only on hair but also skin – it prevents facial creases. Another positive thing about satin is that it dries incredibly fast. Why does it matter? Because it’s suggested changing pillow cases often, at least once a week. When it comes to the downsides, satin pillowcases may leave you with static hair. On the flip side, however, it’s cheaper than a silk pillowcase.

Silk pillowcase

This is the best pillowcase you can get for your hair! Silk is incredibly smooth. If you go for this type of pillowcase you can be sure that it will give you neither facial creases nor bedhead. It’s also worth mentioning that satin has a positive effect on lashes and brows. How? It simply doesn’t pull them out while you toss and turn in your bed while sleeping. Furthermore, the fibers in silk fabric improve hydration in hair, and since they interweave really tightly, there is no chance for dust or mite to gather, which makes it a perfect option for allergy sufferers. Additionally, a silk pillowcase cools you down in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. Is it the best fabric for bedclothes? We truly believe it is. Does it have any minuses? Sadly, it does, and the most significant one is its price. We hope it won’t put you off getting it because a silk pillowcase is the best choice!

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