Davines OI OIL. Elixir with Roucou oil that beautifies the hair

A minimalist designed product does not have to have a poor performance at all. Sometimes, all you need are two key components to maximise the properties and provide a complex care for your hair. Davines OI OIL is a great example of such a product. 

The cosmetics from Davines OI series have been created to enhance the natural beauty of all hair types. The products are versatile which means that they can be used for a complex hair treatment as well as for protecting the ends from splitting. By far the most popular product (not only for home use but also among hairdressers) is Davines hair oil. The brand promotes it as a comprehensively beautifying elixir. What does this tiny 50-ml bottle contain?

Davines OI OIL – description, effects, properties

In fact, Davines oil is a colourless, silicon-oil serum which can be distributed on the hair effortlessly. It provides silky softness which makes the strands easier to style or brush through. However, the best things happen inside the structures. Without any troubles, the oil penetrates the strand and:

– improves silky softness and shine,

– tames unruly hair; facilitates styling,

– protects the hair by creating a tiny coating,

– reduces the harmful effects of free radicals,

– improves hair condition without overburdening,

– reduces the time required for drying the hair.

Such effects of Davines OI Oil are the outcome of a thought-through composition of the product. However, it must be emphasised that the oil does not belong to the category of all-natural and silicone-free cosmetics. The key part of the composition is a blend of silicone oils that coats the hair with a tiny film and smooths the strands out.

Roucou oil the most important component of the elixir and it works in symbiosis with silicone oils. This mysterious ingredient is a substance rarely found in cosmetics. It is obtained from the intensely red seeds of the Amazon Annatto tree (it is also another name of this oil). It contains huge amounts of beta-carotene, thanks to which it can strengthen hair, emphasize its natural colour and even accelerate growth. However, everything depends on how our hair reacts to the Roucou oil included in Davines OI OIL.