A few questions for hairdressers. How to colour-treat hair?

Before you change your hair colour, it is worth learning some important matters. Below, we would like to present a list of frequently asked questions every woman should ask her hairdresser before the treatment. The answers will dispel all your doubts. 

beauty.jpg1. Does colour-treating really damage hair?

Every girl is concerned about this issue before dying her hair. Unfortunately, nobody is able to give a precise answer to that question. It depends on the products you intend to use. As you might guess, herbal preparations and rinses do not damage the hair structure as much a as dyes containing ammonia and bleaches. On the other hand, products with natural ingredients do not give long-term effects such as their synthetic equivalents. The structure of hair can be seriously weakened and damaged after a radical change of colour, for example going from black to platinum blonde.

2. What type of hair should not be coloured?

It is not recommended to dye very damaged and weakened hair. If your hair is brittling, falling out and with split ends you should rather give up on such harsh treatment. If you really feel the need of changing the colour, you must firstly take care of the condition of your hair. Start with using professional shampoos and conditioners; great effects are also brought after using hair oils. Enrich your diet with supplements, fruit and vegetables. Reduce (to minimum) the use of styling tools that produce heat.

3. Are highlights still trendy?

Nowadays, ombre is the most popular way of dyeing hair. Some women like to decorate their strands with colourful pixels, stamps or even with reproductions of famous paintings. Nevertheless, it does not matter how you dye your wisps or what is currently trendy. The most important is to look and feel good in your new hairdo. Remember that colour-treating done properly should give your strands lightweight and increase their volume.

4. How to nurture colour-treated hair?

For the care of dyed hair, use moisturising products that also provide shine and enhance the new colour. Masks, conditioners and especially cosmetic oils will be perfect. Thanks to such products, your hair will again be smooth and soft to the touch. Artificial ingredients in dyes will not affect their level of hydration and overall condition. For daily care, you should include products that prevent color fading and secure strands from damaging effects of sunlight.

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