Peeling cuticles – how to get rid of this problem for good?

Unfortunately, this is a very common problem affecting many women – the cuticles peel off and cause pain every time you touch them. If you’ve ever had to put on your tights with a chapped cuticle on your hand, you know very well how much it can hurt. Check how to avoid peeling cuticles and get rid of them for good.

anicure.jpgCuticle peeling – why does it happen?

Women often skip this stage of hand care. The most common mistake is thinking that the purchase of “hand and nail cream” will overcome the problem of dried, peeling skin. Unfortunately, often a hand cream is not enough to cure our damaged skin. It’s good to know the most frequent reasons for dried skin:

  • doing housework without gloves (mechanical injuries and scrapes);
  • the use of strong cleaning agents and detergents (they destroy hands, nails and cuticles);
  • using a nail polish remover with acetone (practically every nail polish remover adversely affects the appearance of cuticles);
  • using soaps with a drying effect – they will dry not only the hands, but also the skin around the nails;
  • biting the cuticles – we often do it unconsciously, in times of stress or nervousness;
  • office work – when hands are in frequent contact with paper, they dry up at an accelerated pace and regenerate slowly because the paper damages the protective layer of the epidermis.

Cuticle peeling – a signal from our body?

If we take proper care of our hands and nails, yet it still brings no result, it might be a sign that the problem lies deeper than we thought. In this case, poor diet or inadequate supplementation might be the issue. Our body often sends us some signals, maybe cuticle peeling is one of them? It is possible that it lacks vitamins (A, E and B). If despite the proper care and precise removal of cuticles, your cuticles continue to grow and peel, it’s best to reach for some supplements. A good idea also would be to start drinking field horsetail and nettle.

Cuticle peeling – how to get rid of them?

The quickest way to get rid of the peeling cuticles is to cut them efficiently. Before that, it’s good to soften them, either with a cuticle softener or by soaking your nails in warm water with a delicate, natural soap and oil. Then you should dry your hands and cut the cuticles with a sharp nail nipper. Be gentle, don’t cut them too deep as it might damage the nail matrix.

On a daily basis massage your nails with oil. You can also buy a special serum with a pen applicator. This way, your cuticles will be moisturised all the time.

You can also use a special cuticle cream, it is offered by many cosmetic companies. Apply it regularly to improve the general condition of your nails and hands. Such products should be used before the bedtime so that it can be absorbed during the night.

Another good solution for dried skin is a traditional vitamin A ointment. Massage it into your skin close to the cuticles. It should soften the skin so that they stop peeling off.

Drinking fresh aloe vera juice is another effective method. You can also soak your nails in it. This juice has strong moisturising and revitalising properties.

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