Highly advanced hair care with Dove Advanced Hair Series

Dove Advanced Hair Series consists of four cosmetics lines designed to pamper four types of hair. We’re talking about the following: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, Dove Oxygen&Moisture, Dove Regenerate Nourishment and Dove Youthful Vitality. Pick your favourite one!

dove.jpgDove Pure Care Dry Oil

Cosmetics comprising this line are destined to take care of dry and dull hair. Thanks to agents of deeply moistening action combined with nourishing substances, the products are able to take care of scalp, hair bulbs and follicles as well as make strands look better. Moreover, the cosmetics improve hair condition, smooth strands and counteract dullness. What’s also worth mentioning, Dove Pure Care Dry Oil was enriched with special complex, called Keratin Repair Actives, which was mixed with various cosmetic oils. The very products can be recognized by their gold caps.

Dove Oxygen&Moisture

This line is designed for delicate and fine hair that is prone to falling out and damages. The cosmetics contain moistening and oxygenating ingredients as well as the cutting-edge technology – Oxyfusio. Thanks to it, hair becomes light and full of volume. Furthermore, Oxygen&Moisture products make hairstyling easier, accelerate drying and combing. Scalp, hair bulbs and follicles are also pampered. Dove Oxygen&Moisture can be recognized by light blue elements on the package.

Dove Regenerate Nourishment

Thanks to cosmetics form this line you will be able to take care of super damaged hair. If you often blow dry, dye, straighten or expose your hair to other procedures requiring use of high temperature than you should give a go to Dove Regenerate Nourishment. The reason why is that the products are enriched with red algae extract and keratin. Thanks to these substances, strands become smoothed, regenerated and damage-resistant. Red caps are the identification mark of the line.

Dove Youthful Vitality

These cosmetics are perfect for mature hair that falls out, becomes thinner and weaker with age. The products from Youthful Vitality line contain coconut oil, lipids and proteins. These substances counteract brittleness, provides natural shine and smoothness to hair. Moreover, strands become nourished and deeply moistened when treated with the cosmetics. You can recognize Dove Youthful Vitality by their violet caps.

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