Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay Cosmetics

Quite recently, BB creams have gained popularity because of their numerous useful features. No reason why these cosmetics are called ‘all in one’ products. Does Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay work equally well?

Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay CosmeticsBB cream – what is this?

This mysterious abbreviation placed next to ‘cream’ word stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, so in other words, the cream for imperfections. This kind of cosmetic fulfils many different functions and can replace some of the well-known beauty cosmetics. How is it possible? For example, BB cream equalizes skin tone as a make-up foundation does, moisturizes as any face cream tends to work, protects from the solar radiation as sunscreen does and relieves irritations just like cosmetics for sensitive skin. Certainly, while choosing BB cream we have to adjust its properties to the needs of our face skin and also pick the right shade of it.

Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay Cosmetics

Basically, Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay combines plenty of functions, therefore, it can be perceived as a general-purpose cosmetic. How does Naked Skin Beauty Balm really work? Surely, it moisturizes, evens skin tone, having SPF 20 protects face skin from the sun, covers imperfections and smooths fine lines. What is more, the cosmetic can replace a make-up foundation and can be applied on any moisturizing cream, which is especially recommended for people having dry or sensitive skin.

Naked Skin Beauty Balm from Urban Decay is closed in a tube of 35 ml capacity. This cosmetic can be patted into face skin with the aid of fingertips. If one does not want to use bare hands in order to apply the cosmetic, it can be stamped with a flat make-up brush as well. Generally, the product provides high level of imperfections coverage, blends with skin tone, does not create smudges and does not emphasize dry parts of the user’s face. In that case, it is recommended to perform epidermis exfoliation first, in order to make those dry parts less visible.

What is more, Naked Skin is available in three shades: Naked Light, Naked Medium and Naked Bronze. The last shade can be also applied as a bronzer since it can be used for face shaping or to produce suntan effect on one’s face. All that should be done, in that case, is to apply the cosmetic on the appropriate face parts such as cheekbones, temples, a nose and a chin.

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