Body oil: features and action

Although we associate body oil mainly with baby skin care, a lot of women report treating their skin with the product as well. The truth it, body oil can replace body milk, body balm and other similar cosmetics because it has strongly moisturising features. What are other features that body oil owns and what is its action? How to apply body oil?

how-to-apply-body-oil.jpgBody Oil – features and action

Body oil is a cosmetic which was developed for skin that seeks help with rebuilding its damaged lipid coat. Lack of appropriate moisturisation results in dehydrated skin, and this in turn leads to accelerated process of skin ageing. Strong lipid layer protects skin against water loss and thanks to this skin youthful look is secured. In other words, baby oil leaves a delicate and thin film on skin which shields dermis against adverse action delivered by external factors. Another advantage of body oil is its soothing action. This cosmetic product owns its conditioning features to olives that it is extracted from. The interesting fact is that we can choose among products featuring extracts obtained either from black or green olives. Their formula nourishes and moisturises skin that is dry and sensitive. What’s more, body oil helps skin work properly again by strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier. Also, body oil makes skin more supple, soft and smooths it.

How to apply body oil?

It’s suggested to apply body oil right after leaving a bath or a shower, when skin is dehydrated and requires immediate conditioning. Rub body oil into damp skin before using towel. Thanks to applying body oil to damp skin, it helps you avoid having greasy coat on your skin. Use a towel when your entire body has been oiled.

Body Oil – types

Most body oils are designed for babies but women can also use it, especially if they skin is sensitive and allergy-prone. It’s worth pointing out that there are special kinds of body oils available (balm consistency) for those who don’t like the product’s original form. These alternatives are equally delicate and rich in vitamins and minerals. Another variation of the original body oil contains highlighting particles which, apart from moisturisation, provides skin with subtle lightening up. Also, you can reach for massage oil that contains anti-cellulite complex. It stimulates blood circulation and prevents skin from getting flabby.

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