Clarins, Hydra Quench Cream will save your dehydrated face skin

It is no surprise that dry face skin tends to get aged faster, flakes off and is itchy. For that very reason, it is suggested to moisturize this kind of complexion systematically. Learn how to do this the best way possible.

Clarins, Hydra Quench CreamDry and dehydrated face skin

Generally speaking, dehydrated skin problem considers people at any age. In this sort of complexion, lipid barrier has been succumbed to disturbance and dysfunction. Furthermore, poor water circulation and its rapid loss is also of frequent occurrence. What are the reasons of skin dehydration? Basically, these include: inadequate skin care, aging, unbalanced hormones level, adverse weather conditions, staying in air-conditioned or heated rooms, environment pollution, stress, unhealthy diet, medicaments and cigarette smoking to name just a few. How does dehydrated skin look like? It is extremely sensitive, thin, tense, not elastic, covered with wrinkles and displays the tendency to flaking off. What is more, people having dehydrated skin are not advised to take hot baths, they should avoid using soap and cosmetics of drying and contracting properties. Being exposed to solar rays, the natural or artificial ones, is not also suggested in that case. What people suffering from dry skin should do is rebuilding the protective lipid layers, apply cosmetics including sunscreens, as well as provide skin with the appropriate amount of water both from the inside and outside.

Moisturizing cream – Clarins, Hydra Quench Cream

Clarins, French cosmetic brand, created a moisturizing day and night cream destined for people at any age, which have got dry to very dry face skin. Due to the ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and Macadamia tree bark extract, the appropriate skin moisturization level is restored, lipid barrier becomes strengthened and complexion is protected from pollution deriving from the external environment. Additionally, the product smooths skin and diminish wrinkles visibility. What is more, Hydra Quench Cream was tested dermatologically and does not develop blackheads.

Hydra Quench Cream is to be applied every day, on clean face while omitting eye skin area. The cosmetic can be put on in the morning or in the evening. The capacity of the product equals 50 ml.

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