Do you know how long you can use cosmetics and make-up accessories safely? Part 1

‘Best use before…’ this inscription is known to everybody. And everybody knows that this caption concerns the validity of cosmetics. In other words, this is nothing more than the restricted and assumptive period of time during which the cosmetic should be consumed. Why assumptive? Simply because we cannot set out precisely, when a washcloth become moulted or when a balm turns out to be a home for bacteria. Do you know, how long you can use all your cosmetics and beauty accessories?

Do you know how long you can use cosmetics and make-up accessories safelyIt goes without saying that after some period of time, cosmetics and make-up accessories transform into home for bacteria, germs, fungus and other unwelcome occupiers. Certainly, we can disinfect this instruments and products from time to time. To do it, we can, for example, put some accessories into boiling water, clean these with a special liquid or to soak with the mixture of water and soap. Naturally, these are just a few methods of getting rid of unwelcome make-up bag boarders. However, maybe it would be better to simply change, once in a while, the make-up products and body care cosmetics? When to do it?

Cosmetics and accessories – when to change?

The shortest period of usage belongs to the body washcloth. Usually, it hangs somewhere in a bathroom so, in other words, in a fairly humid surrounding. Imagine, that just after three or four months fungus and mould can develop on the surface of your washcloth. What should be done then? After each and every bath, hang the body washcloth somewhere in the well-ventilated room to enable it to dry out completely. It is also advisable to put it into boiling water from time to time. Nevertheless, there is no better solution than buying a new body washcloth every month.

After five weeks of usage razors loose their usefulness. The blades become blunted, and the moisturizing properties of strips go out of the window. It is worth remembering to dry the blades of the razor’s after every single use. By the way, is it accurate to use disposable razor several times?

What is more, three months is the optimal period of time for mascaras, anti-acne creams and toothbrushes. Are you surprised? In most cases, mascara and anti-acne cream have got long expiration date unless these are natural, mineral or ecological cosmetics. After three months of usage, inside mascara, bacteria can multiply. This invisible to the naked eye creatures are responsible for causing hordeolum and eye reddening. Cream looses its properties if contains benzoyl peroxide. When it comes to toothbrush, it become covered with the same unpleasant living things, such as, previously mentioned body washcloth.

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