Problematic skin – no problem! How to take care of a teenage skin

Young skin regenerates faster and despite appearances should not cause any problems. That’s only until young people enter puberty. Then, unstable hormones take over the state of the complexion. The skin becomes moody: excessively dry or oily, pimples, blackheads tend to appear on it. How to take care of it properly? Find out what is most important in skin care and what cosmetics to use to get rid of imperfections and minimize teenage skin problems.

beauty.jpgThe stage of puberty and hormonal changes in the body means that the teenager’s skin is going through not a very beneficial period. The skin becomes capricious, seborrhea intensifies, the pores of the skin begin to clog, the face is covered with pimples and blackheads. Young skin is also prone to any inflammation responsible for making acne even worse.

The first stage to fight this state is to use properly selected cosmetics and work out a skin care regimen. The first mistake teenagers tend to make is reaching for creams designed for adults. Unfortunately, they can cause more harm than good, because creams for mature skin contain a number of strong substances, unsuitable for younger people, which can irritate the teenage complexion. Therefore, in order to take care of acne-prone skin in the most effective way – it is worth reaching for cosmetics specially made for this purpose.

Skin care for teenagers – what cream is best for young skin?

The teenage skin with no acne lesions but only an excess sebum secretion does not require products with strong antibacterial properties. They could unnecessarily dry out and irritate the skin, and cause even stronger seborrhea. That’s why only moisturizing and mattifying cosmetics are enough for this type of skin – most often they have a fat-free formula and a light texture – they are often gel-based, well absorbed and do not clog pores, so they do not have a comedogenic effect.

The cream for adolescent skin should not contain too many active substances – young skin does not need any other day or night cream. However, when buying a face cream, it is worth checking if it contains a sunscreen. For teenagers with normal complexion, which only breakouts occasionally and produces single pimples, a delicate herbal cream with moisturizing properties is enough.

For oily and combination skin, the cream for a teenage complexion should already be enriched with moisturizing and mattifying ingredients. In turn, young skin with a strong seborrhea should be supported by specialist creams, with medicinal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Moreover, a significant percentage of teenagers have a mixed complexion, i.e. oily in the so-called zone T (forehead, nose, beard) and dry on the cheeks. There are special creams available on the market that care for this type of skin: they moisturize dry areas of the face and mattify the oily parts.

Skin care for teenagers – cleansing the skin

The basic, most fundamental and extremely important everyday activity – regardless of age and skin type – will always be cleansing. A teenager’s skin requires the right products for it. Above all, this cleansing should be gentle and the washing products should not disturb the pH of the skin, so do not wash your face with ordinary soap – it disrupts the skin and destroys the hydro-lipid (protective) coat of the epidermis. Soaps also change the skin reaction to acidic, and this is an additional medium for bacteria.

Furthermore, it is good to use special preparations with anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties to cleanse the teenager’s complexion. A good solution is to buy a special micellar fluid for young skin – it perfectly cleanses the face of toxins and sebum, and at the same time does not require the use of water. Teenage skin often requires more intensive cleansing – that’s why a specially selected scrub for young skin is an absolute necessity. It can be done even 2-3 times a week (in case of a very oily face).

If the teenage face is affected by acne – a proper scrub which does not require mechanical exfoliation, i.e. gommage will be a good solution. A traditional coarse peel could bring bacteria to the face and cause inflammation and hence – increase acne.

Skin care for teenagers – makeup

The cosmetic that absolutely, every teenager needs to buy is a face concealer with antibacterial properties. It will not only camouflage the pimples but also accelerate their healing. Another recommended cosmetic is a light foundation or a BB cream for a young complexion. This type of cosmetic unifies the skin tone, mattifies it and additionally – regulates the level of sebum and inhibits the shine. Most foundations for young skin have an antiseptic effect and often contain ingredients supporting acne treatment. It is also a good idea to reach for hypoallergenic cosmetics – using them you can be sure that no component will be harmful to the skin.

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