Habits that Let You Enhance Skin on Vacation

Skin needs exceptional care on vacation. It is entitled to sun protection, in-depth hydration, systematic smoothing and delivering valuable nutrients. How to introduce it to the daily care? Check what your vacation beauty care should look like.

thermal-water-for-face-skin-benefits.jpg1. Use thermal water

Thermal waters are rich in minerals, soothing and moisture-boosting ingredients. However, you must use them the right way for the desired effects. You spray thermal water over your face and tap the excess in with the fingertips. Next, apply a moisturiser for the proper hydration – the cream locks nutrients of thermal water in deep skin layers. Otherwise, you may experience the feeling of extremely dry and tight skin. It is similar when you’re on the beach and go out of water. Water molecules on skin may trigger irritations and even sunburned skin. That is why you need to make your skin completely dry after every bath. You can even spray thermal water on your makeup; just remember to get rid of the water excess with a tissue.

2. Moisturise your skin & use face masks

Face masks deliver an excellent moisture boost and minimise the bad effect of air con, sunlight and low air humidity. At the same time, they prevent dryness, the feeling of tightness and coarseness. Before applying a mask, use a scrub which removes dead cells and helps nutrients be absorbed deep inside skin more quickly. Also, make sure you tailor a mask to your face skin type.

3. Go for an enzyme scrub

Enzyme scrubs make best choice for a mild and effective skin exfoliation. Contrary to products with big abrasives, they cause no irritations. Best solution for the sensitive, allergy-prone and fragile skin. How they work? Enzymes dissolve intercellular bonds and remove impurities from the skin surface. If you have oily skin, try a tomato enzyme exfoliator whereas if your skin is dry or sensitive, go for bromelain scrub which has exfoliating properties and ingredients that reinforce the walls of blood vessels and give antioxidant effect.

4. Protect your skin with sunblock

It’s a vacation must-have. Sun protection is the key element if you care for youthful looks and healthy skin. It is because UV rays trigger the occurrence of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, causing photo-ageing at the same time. UV filter creams which absorb all kinds of radiation give the best results so look for SPF, IPD, PPD signs on the labels. Also, choose between chemical and physical filters.

5. Use antioxidants

Ingredients fighting free radicals are known as antioxidants. They prevent ageing processes, the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, the appearance of wrinkles and discolored skin. Antioxidants can be found in cosmetics and food products. These are vitamins C, B3, E, and ferulic acid which give skin-brightening, anti-inflammatory and moisturising effect. Because free radicals are formed due to the action of sunrays, sun protection with filter creams definitely makes sense.

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